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Stepping into the unknown is always intimidating, but knowing others have successfully walked the path before you and can make those first steps a little less scary.  As we prepare to welcome the 2019 Faces of Sola to our dynamic group of inspirational Sola leaders, we wanted to hear some advice from our 2018 Faces to pass on to the rest of our #Solafam. 

We hope these words of wisdom resonate with you and maybe even help you overcome a current challenge you’re facing to help take your career or life to the next level.


​Mahogany Plautz, Carve Salon // Minneapolis, MN // @mahoganyhairstylistmpls

“If it doesn’t matter in five years than it really doesn’t matter. Also, ask yourself this question: ‘Is it more important to be right or to be happy right now?’ I ask myself this a lot when I get stressed out.” 

Polly Sanders-Peterson, Polly & Company // Denver, CO // @pollysanderspeterson

“Know that you are loved, that you have value, and that you have purpose. That purpose was only created for you. When you find that purpose, fulfillment will come.” 

Morgan Cameron, Enlightened Beauty // Sacramento, CA // @enlightenedbeauty

“Every answer that you seek and everything that you’re looking for and everything you need is already within you. You already know what you should be doing. Also, struggle is good. Struggling is what makes you come out on the other side feeling accomplished and big and important. And don’t look at your struggles as something negative. It’s all important and it’s all good.” 

Jennifer LaVigne, Jennifer LaVigne Hair Studio // Ann Arbor, MI // @jenniferlavignehair

“Be a very good human being and have integrity. This is what I have discovered, at the age of 35. If you are a good human being, things will fall into place. Embrace the spirit of generosity and be an honest person. Do the right thing, even when nobody is looking."

Ashley Lantz, TressPassing Salon // Avondale, AZ // @ashleylantzhair

“Take no shit, and do no harm. I think in life and in this beauty industry you are faced with a lot of strong personalities and it is important for you to stand up for yourself, but also take your morals and your dignity and not respond to hate with hate.” 

Amanda Fagan, Saba Salon // Novi, MI // @amandafaganhair

“My best advice is actually a tattoo that I have and it’s been the mantra that I’ve been meditating on for the last year. It would be to tell someone else that they are enough. It’s not about what you do or what you should have done or what you could have done better. It’s about getting rid of all the could’s and should’s and knowing where you are right now, in the moment, is enough and that’s okay.”

Chris Matthew, Dillinger’s Hair Company // Long Island, NY // @dillingershaircompany

“Show up and do the work and you’ll be all right.”

LaShonda Banks, Tress Elite Salon // Atlanta, GA // @tresselitesalon2

“I think life is full of obstacles and you have to push thru. Not too long ago, maybe earlier this year, I had a conversation with a young lady I didn’t know very well. We were acquaintances, but not close. I was kind of caught off guard when I asked her how she was doing. When she looked up at me, her eyes were full of tears and she was dealing with a really tough situation. After she told me what was going on, all I could tell her was that it was all a moment. Yes, it’s a situation you’re currently in, but you can either let it consume you or you can use the energy and push forward. It will pass eventually, but it is up to you on how you’re going to pass thru it. Do you let it take advantage of you and let it get the best of you, or do you accept it for what it is and grow from it and push thru? It’ll pass, but you have to look towards that light. Just keep moving."

Alex Sylvester, Edge by Alex Sylvester // Birmingham, MI // @alex_sylvester_

“My old boss, Kelly Cardenas, gave me some great life advice. He taught me and inspired me to push on and move forward. He believed in me and saw me through all the hardships.”

Ashley Lewis, Nest Hair Studio // Richmond, VA // @the_blondologist

“Smile and enjoy the little moments in your life.”

Now it’s your turn to spread the love. What's the best life or career advice you've ever given or recieved? Comment below!

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