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Make 2023 Your Year at Sola image

When a new year rolls around, we have the opportunity to take stock on the last 365 days. What has worked, what has not worked, and where are we going in the future?  

While this time of year is rich with reflection and new year’s resolutions, we encourage you to also focus some energy and attention to the future… Where do you want to be in a year from now? What is your highest vision for yourself in 2023?  

When it comes to career hopes, goals and dreams, one thing is for certain - a year from now, you will wish that you had started today. So we are here to help you get started… today!   

Make 2023 YOUR YEAR. The year that you level up. The year that you take ownership of your future. The year that you become a business owner. The year that you create the salon of your dreams.  

What are you waiting for? Your Time is Now to make 2023 YOUR YEAR for…  

  • Owning your own salon business 
  • Becoming your own boss 
  • Exercising creative freedom 
  • Choosing your own salon name 
  • Building your own brand 
  • Setting your own hours 
  • Seeking new exclusive and industry-leading educational opportunities with Sola 
  • Serving your own clientele - soul clients that resonate with your niche  
  • Joining a community of nearly 20,000 inspiring beauty professionals and independent salon owners to call colleagues, friends and #SolaFamily  

Make 2023 YOUR YEAR for growth…    

How long have you wanted to make a change in your career?  How long have you dreamt of growing as a beauty professional?  

Have you ever wondered how other beauty pros and stylists make the transition to running their own salon business? Does it ever feel like they make it look easy, but there are a few steps that seem to be missing from your education and experience?  

At Sola, we give you all the tools that you need to make the transition as clear and seamless as possible. When you lease a salon suite with Sola, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself - which is a very important distinction.  

The Sola team is always here to help, every step of the way, from the local to the national level, for any questions you may have pertaining to salon ownership and business management.  

We offer many resources, both in person and online, for growing into the role of business owner as swiftly as possible. We provide a tried-and-true container for you to color with your creativity, artistry and passion, while knowing that we have your back on the business side.  

Sola provides everything you need to feel confident in launching your own salon business, including: 

  • A move-in ready salon studio, available in a variety of layouts for all types of beauty professionals, including hairdressers, nail technicians, estheticians, makeup artists and more - a space for you to call your own  
  • Access to resources, education and training for salon ownership, including a comprehensive Sola Start-Up Manual with licensing documents, tax information, marketing and business expertise for running a Sola salon 
  • Professional liability insurance to protect you and your salon business legally and financially 
  • An easy-to-use customizable website through the Sola Pro App to launch your online brand  - no web experience necessary 
  • Your listing on Sola directories for attracting new clients to your salon 
  • Sola Sessions: Live educational events where you can grow as a business owner and beauty professional, and connect with industry leaders and colleagues 
  • SolaGenius: A user-friendly, reliable and convenient booking system made for Sola professionals to manage clients, automate communications, track client history, schedule around your personal calendar, accept payments and receive analytics
  • BeautyHive: an online distributor for stocking salon products and backbar with free shipping, rewards and exclusive offers just for Sola 

Sola pros, or as we like to call them, Solapreneurs, feel the Sola difference is in our unwavering support and commitment to empowering beauty professionals and independent salon owners. From the very foundations, Sola’s mission is to inspire and support beauty professionals to chase their dreams, elevate their careers, and experience the freedom of salon ownership.  

We focus on what's best for you, so you can focus on what's best for your business.  

Make 2023 YOUR YEAR for Community…  

Have you ever wanted to become a salon owner but do not like the idea of going it alone?  

When you join Sola, you join a community of nearly 20,000 independent salon owners that become colleagues, friends and Sola family. You will learn from the best of the Sola pros through online and in-person Sola resources, including the Sola Sessions educational conferences, training webinars and online forums connecting the community.  

At your local Sola location, you will interact with beauty professionals with similar goals and lifestyles, making that community investment all the more supportive and worthwhile. While you can enjoy a private and serene space to see clients and work, you can open your beautiful floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and socialize with your Sola community any time.  

Sola beauty professionals often express gratitude for the ability to run their own business independently, while also having their needs for connection met by the Sola community:  

"Even though we are our own boss, Sola created this awesome opportunity where we still have each other just a couple steps away. If you need help, ask for it, we are a Sola family in this Sola community." - Shelbie Donoho, 2020 Faces of Sola 

“I love the fact that I am in the salon environment, yet on my own with absolutely no drama. Sola was by far the best business move I could have possibly made! Sola has inspired me to be the best business owner I could possibly be.” - @hairbylaurenkarlovich 

Make 2023 YOUR YEAR… 

…to put your career first, so that each step you take is in service to the life of your dreams, for you and your family. With the support of the Sola family, you can trust the transition, and know that you will be supported along the way.  

At Sola, we provide a tried and true model, structure and space, with premier technology and a supportive community that you can depend on.  

In turn, we ask that you make it 100% yours with… 

  • Your hopes 
  • Your dreams 
  • Your creativity 
  • Your vibes 
  • Your artistry 
  • Your niche 
  • Your 2023 GOALS!  

So, what is on your 2023 vision board?  

This year, make the transition to salon ownership with Sola Salons. A year from now, you will wish you started today... ✨  Fill out our contact form below and get started on your journey to independence!