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Make the most of longer days

Can you believe it’s already the summer solstice? In celebration of the longest day of the year, we want to share some inspiration for making the most of your extra long, extra sunny summer days. 

1) Offer Summer Specials

Summer can be a busy time of year in the salon, but it can also be rather inconsistent. There are surges of events, weddings, vacations and summer style requests, but also a tendency for people to be in and out of town, with packed schedules and flaky follow through. Keep it consistent by offering summer specials that get people on the calendar and committed to avoid putting the service off to a later date. Some specials include: 

  • Summer highlights 
  • Beach/pool hair purifying treatments
  • Flower nail detailing with a mani/pedi
  • Bulk package of spray tans for summer vacations and weddings
  • Eyelash dying for the active summer months
  • Funky festival accents - like fairy hair or vivid color 

The list can go on and on, depending on your niche. But no matter what services you offer, find ways to give them a creative, summery spin. Offer a limited-time booking period for the service (1 week to 2-month time frame), and make a vibrant sign to announce the special. We love using canva.com to make vibrant posters for free.  

A special can be anything you’d like, from a discount (i.e. 15 to 30% off of a service), to a bundle (i.e. two services for the price of one) or a freebie added onto a service. You can also advertise summer sales on products. Oftentimes discounts can help get your clients sampling a new product or service, and soon they’ll be hooked for life! 


2) Sun Yourself For Your Health! 

Our estheticians will remind us that sunscreen is always a must, but a little raw sunshine can truly give your health a boost, especially during these summer months. Sunshine is actually known to boost serotonin in the body, which is also known as the “happiness hormone.” Serotonin improves mood and focus, while making us feel calmer and more alert at the same time. Yes, please! 😎🙌

In addition, sunshine supplies us with a good dose of Vitamin D, which boosts mood and balances mental and emotional states of being. Use the summertime to catch up on all the Vitamin D you’ve been lacking from spring’s rainy days, and let your mood match the sunnier days. 

3) Give Your Salon a Summer Makeover

Feeling summery but don’t quite have the time to get outside? Spruce up your studio to experience a summery salon all season long. Your clients will love it, and you’ll get to benefit from the joyous, vibrant summer vibes. 

Some ideas for a summer salon makeover:

  • Display a bouquet of fresh flowers to bring summer color and scents into your space.
  • Keep fresh lemonade for clients (and yourself!) to stay hydrated with electrolytes. Make it cute by serving out of a fun serving container or cute mason jar with big lemon slices throughout. 
  • Diffuse summery essential oils in an essential oil diffuser, such as sweet orange, jasmine or gardenia - some summertime favorites. 
  • Exchange dull decor with more vibrant, colorful displays.
  • Play music that you love to jam to in the summertime. Some genre suggestions include oldies, rock n roll and funk music - upbeat rhythms for an energetic time of year. 


4) Get Ahead

If you find yourself with some extra downtime in the salon, use that time to get ahead so you won’t feel so overwhelmed or let things fall to the wayside when things start to pick up once again. Planning out your social media posts is a great use of downtime. Using apps like Plann or Later to create and pre-schedule your social media posts can take a load off your mind for days when you barely have time to take a bathroom break. You can also preschedule content directly on Facebook by creating your posts and choosing “Schedule” on the dropdown menu where you see “Share Now.” 

5) Be Adventurous

That hike you’ve been meaning to take? The camping trip you promised your friend you’d do? That swimsuit you haven’t quite dusted off since Mexico last year? It’s time to say YES to adventure, sunshine and the great outdoors. There is no better time of year to get out in the mountains, jump into the sea, read a book by the river, take your kids to the park, ride your bike to work or take that beach vacation you’ve been craving. One of the best parts of being a #Solaprenuer is having the freedom to live the life you love. So make sure you’re living it! Pick a day or two each month when you’re not in the salon to get moving - you’ll never regret a day of sun and nature therapy. 

6) Pamper Yourself  

Who said making the most of your days means go-go-go? On the contrary! Summer is an amazing time to catch up on much-needed rest and relaxation. The pace of life can get hectic, so try to give yourself some warm summer days that are slow, easy and peaceful. Make time for yourself. Lay in a hammock, have a drink by the pool, watch the sunset from a spot that you love. Never underestimate the power and beauty of a warm, stress-free day.

As a hard-working entrepreneur, you’ve earned some time to kick up your heels in the sunshine. So however you choose to spend your extra hours this summer, make sure you make them fabulous. 

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