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The entire planet has endured 2 years of almost constant stress and unpredictability. Sure, there are always stressful events and daily surprises, but 2020 launched a barrage that most of us have never experienced before. And on top of everything that COVID threw our way, the beauty industry was hit exceptionally hard. It’s no wonder so many of us are feeling stuck in a state of anxiousness and self-protection. The good news is that the body and mind are incredible at adapting to new experiences… if we have the understanding and education to help us do so.

The first step on this journey is three-fold: Acceptance, Presence, and Intention.


When we recognize and accept that fear and anxiety are all part of our body’s natural response system, we can stop beating ourselves up for the way we are feeling, which in turn creates an environment where we can actually do something about it. By gently repeating to yourself, “I am not broken, I am just going through the human experience,” you will begin to understand that it is natural and normal for all of us to feel deeply, even when it hurts terribly.


If we can step into this space of acceptance, we find ourselves back in the driver’s seat of our body and mind. And then, we can make a choice to do something different. At the center of this choice is our nervous system. A well-regulated nervous system allows our mind to see creative potential and supports the body to move courageously. Here’s the best part… the most direct channel to our nervous system is free and accessible 100% of our day. It’s called the breath. And, it doesn’t have to be tricky. Simply bringing our breath into a balanced pattern (equal count in and out – whatever feels comfortable and natural) can quickly draw our nervous system back into relative harmony. Also, short breath holds of 3-5 seconds done after the exhale followed by 2 or 3 soft breaths in and out through the nose drops us back into the support of our body. (Repeat this for 3-5 minutes a few times per day and you will be amazed)


As we step back into our natural state of coherence, we can then focus on developing a fresh sense of purpose and deeper meaning to carry us through the disruptions and unpredictability of life. We get to create new maps for how our body and mind interact with the experiences that accompany our journey on this planet. We get to decide whether our time here is a curse or an incredible gift.

To help support you, we're excited to share a Sola-exclusive three-part video series that expands on the concepts explained in this post. These videos will add depth to your understanding of your experience, expand on the steps to get your body and mind more grounded, and offer concepts on how to craft a new experience moving forward. Is it easy? Maybe not. Are you capable? No doubt about it!

Watch Video 1: Why Do I Feel This Way

Watch Vidoe 2: Energy Balancing

Watch Video 3: Purpose and Motivation

With love and full support, I wish you a great journey.