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Pay your rent in retail

How’s that retail in your Sola selling? If you have products flying off the shelves and you’re making enough of a profit to pay your rent (yes, it can be done!), then congrats and keep on sellin’. But if it’s not making a profit and you have nothing but dust bunnies, then it’s time to rethink this space, no matter how big or small it may be.  

Before you put anything on sale or consider switching things up, let’s think about how your retail offerings are supporting your clients’ wants and needs.

“The beauty about being your own business owner is you can carry anything you want,” shared Morgan Cameron, owner of Enlightened Beauty in Sacramento, California and one of our 2018 Faces of Sola. “I make sure to fill my Sola with, not only skin care products, but also fun items that I know my clients would like to go home with. In my Sola, I carry things like jewelry, smudges and makeup.”

Support Your Brand

“I do think before you start retailing items it’s important to know your brand,” Morgan advises. “Have items that speak to who you are and what your brand is.

For me, as an esthetician, carrying skin care products is obvious. However, Enlightened Beauty, as a whole, is more than just skin—it’s skin deep. I create a spiritual experience for my clients. This includes items like tarot cards, sage burning and energy clearing. All of these items help create a unique experience.”

Curating Goods

“When finding new items that help support my brand, I often search hashtags on Instagram and visit some of my favorite stores to see what’s popular,” she adds. “Another thing I have done is visit cities that I love, like Portland and Austin. Not only can you use these trips as a write-off on your taxes, but visiting these progressive cities will give you an idea of what’s trending and what items other retailing boutiques are selling.”

Support What You’re Selling

“Leading by example is so important, and that’s why I use or wear all the items that I sell,” says Morgan. “It’s important to believe in what you sell and not just use it as a way to make more money. If you don’t believe in it, your clients will feel that and therefore you won’t sell anything.”

Social Makes Sense

“Make sure you’re utilizing social media,” she strongly suggests. “This is SO important because you gain new clients through it and if you can express yourself and who you are, you will attract people who are into the same things as you.”

Purge for a Little Profit

“If things don’t sell as well as others, use it as an opportunity to create a giveaway on Instagram or create a sale to move items out,” Morgan adds.

By looking big picture at how your retail items support your brand, you can get strategic in selling and turning a profit. “Remember, you can easily pay your rent in your retail sales as long as you know what is best for your brand and what your clients are interested in. Your clients will be drawn to this and always leave with something.”

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