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Music Streaming Services As a boutique salon owner, there are small ways to customize a unique experience for each of your clients. For example, stocking a specific beverage you know a client loves is always an appreciated detail. Another great way to personalize your client’s salon experience is by playing music you know they will enjoy or even letting them choose their own music.

Everyone’s music tastes differ, of course, so it can be difficult to have enough choices stored just on your computer. Music streaming services are a fantastic way to have literally millions of songs at your fingertips either for free or for a small monthly fee. Here’s a comparative look at some of the top streaming services available for your salon:

In general, any free music streaming service functions like radio. You or your client can guide the songs based on preferred genre or a specific song title but ultimately the service chooses the songs with minimal skipping allowed. To play specific songs, create playlists and offline playback, a paid music subscription service is essential. Three of the top rivals at the moment in paid services are Spotify, Beats Music and Rhapsody all at $10 per month. A small monthly fee is worth the access to huge song libraries likely containing anything your clients may listen to. Any subscription price will be much less costly than downloading individual songs at $1.99 a piece from iTunes.

Pump Up the Sound

Small speakers are a fantastic way to pump up the sound quality in your studio. A great option are Bluetooth enabled speakers; that way, you don’t have to worry about running cords around your space if you want to play music through your iPhone or iPad. At just $29.99, the Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Curve is a petite, metallic bang for your buck with a big sound.

Another great low price option is the iHome mini Bluetooth Speaker. The mid range priced JBL Flip offers a streamlined and sleek and discrete black design. Within the mid-price range, you can also purchase an iHome Dual Charging Stereo that can charge your iPad or iPhone throughout the day. It also features a clock and an alarm. On the slightly high-end price, the Bose Sound Link Bluetooth speakers have a full sound and feature a long battery life if you feel that you’ll want to move the speaker around your space.

Sola Salon Studios Playlist Last week, we shared an "End of Summer" playlist comprised of songs recommended by Sola professionals nationwide! Click here to enjoy a few favorite tunes from stylists across the country.

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