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Episode 47: Quick Tip: Advice For Sola Newbies image

Listen up, Sola newbies! On this audio blog, we’re reading So you signed your lease, now what? 

Since becoming a #SolaBoss comes with both triumphs and challenges, it's not uncommon to take a step back from being on cloud nine and ask, “What next?” Tune in for a list of to-dos and priorities you should focus on in the first few weeks of your new life as a Sola salon owner. 

Start by leaning into the tools and resources Sola has created to help you set up and streamline your systems. Download the Sola Pro app (available on Apple App Store or Google Play) to update your own Sola webpage, access exclusive deals, education, perks, and more. Then, sign up for SolaGenius to help you run your Sola like a boss. 

Don't forget to take care of your new studio's business, like getting your business license and insurance in order. We’ll also walk you through the fun parts, like creating your salon’s brand, culture and decor! 

You’ll want to make sure you choose a product line and products that align with your brand (and personal) values, stock your shelves, and get your marketing plan in order so you can start filling your books right away.

Tune in to get all these invaluable tips and more! Go get ‘em, #SolaBoss.  

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In This Episode

[00:33] Tune in as we read ‘So you signed your lease, now what?' from the Sola blog.

[00:58] Lean into Sola tools like the Sola Pro app.

[01:09] Sign up for SolaGenius.

[01:20] Create your Sola webpage.

[01:50] Visit the Sola blog.

[01:57] Subscribe to the Sola Stories Podcast.

[02:18] Take the initiative and walk around and meet the people in your Sola community.

[03:10] Make sure you get all the business stuff taken care of.

[03:35] You get to create your salon's culture and identity.

[04:19] Listen for tips on the best way to create your brand.

[05:25] This is the fun part, choose how you want to design your studio.

[07:07] Are you ready to choose your product line and products?

[08:13] Make sure to stock your back bar and shelves with BeautyHive.

[09:01] Marketing is the key to your success.

[12:14] Thank you for listening!

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