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It’s one thing to dream about all the goals you want to accomplish, and it’s another to actually get there. On this Quick Tip, we are reading How to Be a Goal-Getter This Year from the Sola Blog. 

Tune in to hear Sola’s 5 steps to not only be a goal-setter but a goal-getter this year.

Start with your “why,” be SMART, hold yourself accountable, and last but not least, remember Sola has your back. 

Here's to goal getting in 2021.

Listen Now 🎧​


In This Episode

[01:10] Sola's five tips for being a goal-getter.

[01:49] Write down your goals.

[02:17] Be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Specific. 

[03:53] Hold yourself accountable.

[04:36] Remember that Sola has your back.

[05:57] Thank you for listening!

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