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We want to talk about retail because, in a salon studio environment, retail can be a tremendous opportunity to boost your bottom line. We know that with COVID-19 closures, you are probably trying to make up for the lost time, and with the need to sanitize after every guest, it's almost impossible to double book as you may be used to.

If you are uncomfortable talking to your clients about retail, you are leaving a lot of money on the table - money that can literally pay your weekly rent. Remember, you are doing your clients a service when you send them home with the products to maintain the style you've created. Guests will appreciate you suggesting products that will solve a problem they are having or maintain the look you’ve created in the salon.

Tune in to this Quick Tip to for 10 tips to help you boost your bottom line and retail like a boss. Sit back, take notes, and get ready to start paying your rent in retail! 

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In This Episode

[00:26] Welcome to the show!

[00:29] Today, we share some quick tips on how to pay your rent in retail.

[01:09] The intimate setting allows you to talk to your clients about retail.

[02:13] Some stylists consider retail a separate business entity.

[02:49] Think about suggesting retail as a way to educate your guest on how to maintain the look you have created.

[03:52] Clients will thank you for suggesting products that will correct a problem they are having.

[04:33] Education can help a client maintain their look between appointments.

[05:15] Jennie shares 10 tips to help you boost your bottom line.

[07:16] Be inquisitive, ask a lot of questions.

[10:10] Tip #6 is to help your clients preserve their color.

[12:01] Have you ever explained the difference between the brushes and which one will work best for their hair?

[14:29] Tip #10: Think about creating an eye-catching display, that’s COVID-19 safe. 

[16:53] Thank you for listening to the show!

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