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Clients who know exactly what they want are a dream come true, right? But it’s nice every now and then when they like to switch things up and let you take the wheel. That is what happened for Sharon Hinkle of Blend Studio in Tacoma, Washington. Her client Kathy came equipped with ideas and let Sharon take the lead on this one.  

Client Consultation Notes

Age: 27

Hair Length: Short

Hair Texture: Coarse

“My client, Kathy Gonzales, wanted to go as light as she could, covering most of her hair, but still keeping it low maintenance,” shared Sharon. “She knows exactly what she likes—a bright, light, ashy blonde. This time she brought in some photos she saw on Instagram and wanted something a little bit edgier, so I gave her an asymmetrical, A-line undercut.”


Products Used:

·      Schwarzkopf BLONDME® Premium Lift

·      Schwarzkopf BLONDME® Premium Developer

·      Olaplex #1

·      Olaplex #2

·      Kenra Demi-Permanent Color

·      It's A 10 Leave-In Conditioner

·      Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray

Tools Used:

·      BaByliss®PRO Nano Titanium Volare V2

·      ghd Flat Iron

The Color

“Kathy is a natural level 2 and she came to her appointment with three inches of new growth and some brassy blonde mid-ends,” added Sharon.

Formula 1 (Babylights): Schwarzkopf BLONDME® Premium Lift + Schwarzkopf BLONDME® Premium Developer 20-vol + Olaplex #1

Formula 2 (Balayage): Schwarzkopf BLONDME® Premium Lift + Schwarzkopf BLONDME® Premium Developer 30-vol + Olaplex #1

Formula 3 (Shadow Roots): Kenra Demi-Permanent 7VM 3/4 + 6NA ¼

Formula 4  (Tone Mid-Ends): Kenra Demi-Permanent 9PV 1/4 + 9VM 1/4 +10SM 1/2 + 10V 1/2

Step 1: With heavy foils back-to-back, leaving hair in-between foils, babylight new growth with Formula 1.

Step 2: Next, balayage remaining loose hair with Formula 2.

Step 3: Wrap everything in plastic wrap and put under a heated lamp until level 9-10 has been achieved.

Step 4: Rinse and apply Olaplex #2.

Step 5: Shadow roots using Formula 3.

Step 6: Tone the mid-ends with Formula 4

Step 7: Process to desired time. Shampoo and condition.

The Cut

“Kathy’s cut is actually quite easy to achieve,” shared Sharon. “For her, I parted her wet hair where she prefers. Next, I cut around her nape, making one side longer than the other to achieve the asymmetrical effect. Once I finished that, I applied It's A 10 Leave-In Conditioner, blew her hair dry using a brush, and then went back in with shears to create the undercut and to point cut to remove any bulk and heaviness.”

The Style

Since Kathy’s hair was already dry, Sharon went through with her ghd Flat Iron to give her style a sleek look and finished it off with a few sprays of Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray.

Final Price: $300


About Sharon Hinkle:

Sharon Hinkle is one of our 2017 Faces of Sola stylists who has made quite a name for herself in Tacoma, Washington. When she’s not crushing it on social media showing off her amazing color work, she is passionately providing her clientele a level of superior service that is based on the foundation of quality over quantity. Check out her Faces of Sola Q&A interview here on the Sola blog.

Follow Sharon Hinkle on Instagram: @blend_studio

Follow Sola on Instagram: @solasalonstudios

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