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Before after 6 texturedbob

This textured bob is ideal for that client who comes in with a handful of damaged ends, desperate for a solution and a new style. Jennifer LaVigne gave her first-time client, Liz Lin, this angled bob with a lot of natural-looking texture. It was a cut that was well needed (check out Liz’s before photo showing her faded and damaged ends). Here, Jennifer shares her cutting and styling how-to and shares why she took Liz’s hair from long to short.

Client Consultation Notes

Age: 24

Hair Length: Long

Hair Texture: Thin/Fine & Coarse

“I chose this haircut on Liz based on the consultation we had,” shared Jennifer. “When someone has long hair, I am very careful and always make sure to first ask if they like their long hair and would like to keep the length.  If the answer is yes, then I know that the client just wants a trim. Liz told me right away that she would like to totally cut her hair short. I recommended doing an angled bob to give a nice, stylish and modern shape that'll work with her face shape. She agreed and we got right to it.”

Products Used:

  • UNITE 7SECONDS™ Shampoo
  • UNITE 7SECONDS™ Conditioner
  • UNITE 7SECONDS™ Leave-In Conditioner
  • Moroccanoil Treatment
  • Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine

Tools Used:

  • Sam Villa Classic Blow Dryer
  • Moroccanoil Round Brush
  • Tangle Teazer Detangling Brush
  • T3 1 ½-inch Curling Iron
  • ghd Styler Flat Iron

The Cut

To help you recreate Liz’s angled bob with very natural-looking texture, Jennifer recommends the following steps:

Step 1: Shampoo and condition using UNITE 7SECONDS™ Shampoo & Conditioner, and then establish sections.

NOTE: Jennifer did ear-to-ear-to-ear sections.

Step 2: Section from the back. Start first section from the occipital bone, drop that first section then cut the perimeter. Repeat this process until you have finished cutting the back section.

Step 3: Drop the left ear-to-ear section, then using the guide from the back section, connect the perimeter and cut the length.

Repeat process on the right ear-to-ear section.

Step 4: Round out the long layers.

Step 5: Remove the weight using a razor.

Step 6: Blow dry and then flat iron.

NOTE: Apply UNITE 7SECONDS™ Leave-In Conditioner and Moroccanoil Treatment prior to blow-drying.

Step 7: Check and make sure cut is even.

Step 8: Texturize to make sure lines and layers are soft and blended.

The Style

After texturizing and making sure her client’s lines and layers were soft and blended, Jennifer used the following products and performed these steps to “get Liz’s look.” NOTE: Liz’s hair was already blow-dried using a round brush and flat ironed prior to styling. Product was also applied (see cutting Step 6).

Step 1: Take individual sections and curl hair with T3 1 ½-inch Curling Iron.

Step 2: After all sections have been curled, apply UNITE TEXTURIZA™ Spray to achieve tousled, textured, beachy waves.

Step 3: Finish with spritzing Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine.

“I chose these products and tools to create this look for a number of reasons,” added Jennifer. “I used UNITE 7SECONDS™ Detangler and Moroccanoil Treatment for her coarse hair to make the strands softer. I used my Sam Villa Classic Blow Dryer and my Moroccanoil Round Brush to dry and smooth out her hair. UNITE TEXTURIZA™ Spray helped give Liz’s clean hair a bit of texture to help achieve that messy, textured bob and those beachy waves and Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine for a healthy glow.”

Final Price: $65

Sola: What were your client’s overall thoughts?

Jennifer: In the end, she was very happy and I am very satisfied and proud of this finished product. :)

About Jennifer LaVigne:

Jennifer has been in the beauty industry for eight years now and has been in the Sola community for almost three. Her studio, Jennifer LaVigne Hair Studio, is located in our Ann Arbor location and she is a Balayage Specialist & Balayage Educator. You’ll be seeing more of Jennifer’s cut, color, and styling how-tos here on the Sola blog. She is a stylist who has been on our radar for quite a while now and we are excited to share more of her work, her story, and tips in the near future.

Follow Jennifer on Instagram: @jenniferlavignehair

Follow Sola on Instagram: @solasalonstudios


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