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Ashley Lewis, @the_blondologist, from Nest Hair Studio in Richmond, Virginia, donned her creative color cap and stepped away from her passion for balayage to create a look would make the owners of Pulp Riot proud. Below she shares her Pulp Riot formulas and colormelt process, and then explains how she achieved a smooth, silky finish using Eufora styling products.

Client Consultation Notes

Age: 24

Hair Length: Short

Hair Texture: Thin/Fine

Products Used:          

Pulp Riot Haircolor

Eufora Bodifying Conditioner

Eufora Nourish Collection Nourish Fortifi Keratin Repair

Eufora Style Sculpture Glaze

Eufora Style Illuminate Shine Mist

Eufora Boost Root Lifting Spray

Tools Used:

Color: Framar Bowls/Brushes/Foils

Style: Blow Dryer (Elchim 8th Sense), Large-Toothed Comb, Bumble and bumble Flat Brush.

The Color

“Karen was pre-lightened to a level 10 platinum and I left about one inch of regrowth of her natural level 7/8,” shared Ashley.

Formula 1: Pulp Riot Smoke & Mercury 2:1

Formula 2: Pulp Riot Powder & Mercury 2:1

Formula 3: Pulp Riot Lemon & Mercury 3:1

Step 1: Apply Formula 1 to roots and softly smudge over regrowth line.

Step 2: Starting at the nape, apply Formula 2 blending at regrowth line leaving last two inches uncolored.

Step 3: Apply Formula 3 through ends.

NOTE: Ashley did NOT shampoo her client after color was rinsed out using cold water. She did condition Karen’s hair with Eufora Bodifying Conditioner.

The Style

Step 1: Spray about seven pumps of Eufora Nourish Collection Nourish Fortifi Keratin Repair throughout hair.

Step 2: Cocktail in hand about a nickel-size amount of Eufora Style Sculpture Glaze and five pumps of Eufora Style Illuminate Shine Mist and apply to hair. Comb through using a large-toothed comb.

Step 3: Apply Eufora Boost Root Lifting Spray throughout roots.

Step 4: Blow dry starting at nape until the roots are 85% dry and ends are just damp.

Step 5: Finish blow-drying using flat brush to achieve a smooth polished blow dry.

Step 6: Take fab pics!

About Ashley Lewis:

A self-proclaimed Blondologist—one who studies blondes and their behaviors—Ashley is a Sola studio owner who co-owns Nest Studio in Richmond, Virginia. When she’s not in the salon, she is an educator for The Business of Balayage and is absolutely killing it on Instagram.

Follow Ashley Lewis on Instagram: @the_blondologist,

Follow Sola on Instagram: @solasalonstudios


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