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What if we said you could pay your monthly Sola rent by retailing products properly? That shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and everything in between can pay your monthly rent and everything you make from cutting, coloring, and styling services can be used to order supplies and…profit.

For some of you, this concept sounds easy, but for many of you, it sounds unachievable. Au contraire, mon frère! Ashley Lantz, owner of TressPassing Salon in Avondale, Arizona, and one of our 2018 Faces of Sola does just this—she pays her rent in retail.

“Everyone thinks retailing is scary,” says Ashley. “I always hear, ‘My clients can buy retail at other places,’ and, ‘I don’t have the product when they need it,’ and, ‘How do I bring it up without sounding pushy?’ To that, I say, ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’”

To help you take your retail game to the next level, we had Ashley share some of her tips and her not-so-secret secrets to help you achieve renters bliss.

Prescribe Like an MD

“I had the opportunity to work for a salon before going independent that had us look at retailing the same way doctors and dentists handle prescriptions,” she shares. “Doing so helped me gain confidence in my selling structure. “

Say This: “Here are the products I am prescribing you today and here’s why.” 

Not This: “Would you like to buy some products today?”

Making It Sensory

“Utilizing the five senses are a big part of prescribing product.”

  • Show your client the product. Let them observe the packaging for a moment.
  • Learn three key points about the product and tell your client what it will do for them.
  • Demonstrate how to use it; put it in their hair, also let them apply it, and tell them how often they will use it and when.
  • Hand them the product. They will naturally smell the product, feel the consistency, or read the bottle.

“After you finish, ask for their feedback,” she adds. “Keep in mind YOU are the one who does your clients’ cut and color. Who better to suggest the best upkeep?”

Lock In Product Knowledge

“If you know your client suffers from dry hair, don’t only make sure they leave with something that prevents it, but tell them WHY it will prevent it. I have always said that 50% of selling retail is product knowledge. Know more than the back of the bottle and introduce yourself to key ingredients and what purpose they serve; relay that information. Make your clients want to buy things from you by becoming the beauty product guru in their lives.”

Crunch Some Numbers

“Okay, you’ve convinced them and sent them away with the sale,” Ashley continues. “Let me give you some motivation. Being an independent studio owner, we pay rent, right? Here’s how I calculate paying my rent with retail sales on a weekly basis:

“The thought of selling $250-$400 in retail a week might sound impossible until you break it down.

“Take the total of your weekly rent and divide it by the number of days you’ll be in the salon that week: X amount is what you need to sell each day in retail in order to cover your rental costs without taking out of your service totals.

For example:

  • Your weekly rent is $250.
  • You work 4 days a week.
  • You will need to sell $62.50 in retail to cover rent for the day.
  • If you sell a shampoo and conditioner set to one client and one styling product to two others (averaging $20 each), you’ve hit your goal and then some!

“It’s all about divide and conquer! Goals are always more attainable once you break them down.”

Ashley has truly mastered the art of retailing. She was able to do this by making product knowledge a top priority and establishing a strong relationship with her sales consultant. Her advice today will not only help you reconsider the way you’re currently retail but hopefully encourage you to create a retail space in your Sola if you haven’t already yet.

Here’s to happy retailing! 

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