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Even in today's COVID world, your clients are still eager to get to the salon for their  hair, nails and other beauty services. At the same time, they want to feel safe and protected while in the salon. At Sola, you and your clients don't have to sacrifice safety for the salon. 

Our 15,000+ beauty professionals own and operate their own private salon studios, so they are in control of the sanitation of their space before and after every single client that comes in their chair. The Sola difference was (and still is) the intimate, controlled environment offered by a salon suite. Now, during a global pandemic, the Sola difference includes safety, too. 

We asked our beauty professionals why their clients love coming to Sola, especially in our current COVID world. Here’s what they said...

“My clients love that they know for certain they are coming to a clean space. They have loved the one-on-one studio concept before, but even more so now! I have been getting quite a few new clients lately just for this reason alone!” - @fringestudio.joni

“My clients love Sola because they know they are getting the full treatment during their time. Everything is sanitized extra and they know they are coming to a clean space and very get my full attention!” - @alluring.beauty.am

“Oh my gosh! I just moved into a Sola about a month ago and my guests are absolutely LOVING it! My guests feel valued and cared for. To them, Sola is a safe environment to come and enjoy getting their hair done knowing every precaution has been made to keep them healthy! The one-on-one attention with no distractions makes them feel so special! Even though we have masks on I can see the smile in their eyes knowing Sola and myself are going above and beyond to keep them protected... My guests have been so impressed and love the Sola concept, especially right now!” - @hairby.nikole

“They come in because I have a huge studio and I keep it clean and tidy like always! We follow the mask rules and my door stays closed! Even before all COVID, my clients always said how comfortable and good they felt being in my private suite at Sola!” - @hairbymarissar

“They love coming to Sola because they love the privacy and the cleanliness of Sola, especially during COVID. They feel safe.” - @jorbabe

“I came from a large salon, so they are more comfortable and even more personal with me taking care of everything from the start of their service to the end.” - @coiffurebyamandab

“My clients are loving the feeling of safety Sola has implemented, from the masks being required to the temperature checks and not an overcrowded salon or hallway/waiting area. They absolutely LOVE that I control the level of disinfection and cleanliness of my studio. My clients know that I go above and beyond after each one and that no one else will touch anything besides me before they get in there. The one-on-one, kick back relax and comfort of not worrying if someone is listening in or judging is a win, too!” - Heather McLaughlin Quinones

“They love coming to my cozy, creative environment, not only because I make them feel beautiful but I make them feel at HOME.” - @homebody_salon

“My clients love coming to my wonderful Sola hair home because it is welcoming, completely sanitized, and private.” - @lv__hairandbeauty

“My guests love the one-on-one experience they get at Sola. They enjoy the privacy and the fact that they get my undivided attention. During COVID, it’s made my guest feel safe knowing they’re coming into a clean space. Since re-opening, I’ve also gained new guests who like the idea of Sola because they can feel safe and comfortable in a private studio. I also think my guests really enjoy the fact that Sola can be a one-stop-shop! We have nail techs, massage therapists, hairstylists, estheticians, and even a tattoo artist! When I moved to Sola all my guests were so fascinated by the entire Sola concept!” - @skinby_syd

“They love the one-on-one time. They feel completely pampered! There is no outside hustle and bustle - just completely relaxing and pampering! It’s all about them. I let them choose their own music while they just sit back and relax!” - @jillykutz

“We are at such an advantage right now working solo in our Sola suites. My clients love the relaxing environment and one-on-one time we have together. It's the safest you can be in these times.” - Karmen Michelle

“My client friends like coming in because it gives them a bit of normalcy during these uncertain times! Besides knowing I’ve always been quite the clean freak, they know I’ve upped measures, following protocol, and doing my best to keep both of us safe. I try to keep the COVID conversation to a minimum because they can have that anywhere, but yet focus on the positives and have what feels like a semi-normal conversation!” - @jessjohnsonhair

“My clients love the security and cleanliness but also the one-on-one interaction.” - @khristine.vanhorn

“My clients love coming into the salon knowing they are one-on-one and that we are following the safety and sanitation guidelines to help keep them safe.” - Lisa Dan Francois

Over 15,000 beauty professionals have discovered the Sola Difference and created a business they can call their own. Wondering if it would be a good fit for you, too? Find out why so many beauty professionals choose Sola

Are you ready to make the switch to a private salon studio at Sola? Click here to learn more!

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