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Sola Salon Studios is proud to partner with Eyes on Cancer to provide FREE training for beauty professionals to recognize the early stages of skin cancer. Take advantage of your intimate atmosphere, and get the training you need to help save lives! It only takes 30 minutes, and it's on us!


In a Sola studio, you have the unique opportunity to connect with your guests in a private, intimate atmosphere. Have you ever seen a new freckle or warning sign and you aren't sure how to address it with your guest?

“As beauty professionals, we can save a life by addressing potential skin cancer early in areas only WE can see on a regular basis. Take this 30-minute course for yourself, family, friends and clients. I have personally saved a life and it feels amazing!” explains Jeanne Braa Foster, Vice President of Eyes on Cancer and renowned stylist/educator. 

Melanoma currently effects 3.3 million people each year according to the Skin Care Foundation, and the average beauty professional has the potential to see 120 cases of cases of skin cancer over their career!

What is the certification course?

It's simple. It only takes 30 minutes. And you get this awesome certificate to hang in your studio to show your guests that you really do know your stuff!

How do I get started?

Step One: Visit Eyes on Cancer

Step Two: Click on "Enroll in Course for $10"

Step Three: Sign up!

Step Four: Click "Redeem Coupon"

Step Five: Enter SOLA (and you're $10 payment is on us!)



Enter the #EyesOpenedChallenge to tell us that you've completed the training course!

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