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Danielle Avila, owner of "Studio Thirteen" in Santa Clara, CA, began her Sola journey one year ago. After first moving to Sola, Danielle was pleasantly surprised to learn that Sola was not just a space to rent. “I love that Sola came with so many business tools for success," with the most powerful tool for her being SolaGenius. 

SolaGenius has been a part of her Sola journey from day one. And because of how user-friendly the platform is, she was able to figure it out almost immediately. "I didn't even have to set up the website or anything." Even transferring her book of business to the platform was easy using SolaGenius's White Glove Service.

"I can honestly say that SolaGenius has been the best addition to my business! With everything going on in my life, it’s been so nice to know my little digital receptionist is working - running my calendar, scheduling appointments, sending out client reminders, running my numbers and keeping track of my inventory. It gives me marketing tools for blast text and emails, education and tips to be more successful behind the chair!" Danielle said. "Running a small business is no joke, especially when you’re the only employee! I’m asked a lot by others in my industry how I manage to keep everything organized and running smoothly. SolaGenius is my answer!! I can even view client formulas for the week to know what to order from my phone!" 

Her favorite part, though? Text message marketing 📲

Here’s why: "With the fast-paced life we live now, it could be hours or days before we get a chance to check email. With text message marketing, it’s perfect for filling last-minute appointments or promoting a new service or product. I love using it for flash holiday sales, guests can text me what they want and I can set it aside. I can limit it to only guests who I haven’t seen in a while, who may need to book holiday appointments. Texting is the new way of quick response marketing, and SolaGenius makes is super simple!" 

In fact, Danielle used text message marketing for a last-minute 20% sale on products and got about $500 in sales just from one text! Getting time back in her day, while still being able to grow your business is the most rewarding part of using SolaGenius, estimating an additional three to five hours she gets back every single day 🙌

So, what exactly is text message marketing?

Text message marketing is a way to stay more connected with clients where they are already spending their time. Did you know about 98% of text messages are read within 2 minutes? That's a huge opportunity to get in front of them quickly and easily!

Gloss Up, SolaGenius's text message marketing feature, allows you to send out bulk customizable text and email blasts to all or some of your clients. As a busy salon professional, we know that you don't have the time to text all of your clients individually. Text message marketing can help keep your clients in the loop, whether you have special service or product promotions, last-minute openings or want to remind them to book their holiday appointments before your books are all full! They will love feeling more connected to you, and the more they feel connected to you, the more they'll want to come see you (aka more time in your chair - cha ching!).

When you subscribe to SolaGenius, you automatically get 100 free text messages per month that you can use to send custom bulk text messages to your clients. You have the ability to send a text to all your clients, or you can customize by how recently you've seen them.

The best way to grow your business, maintain clients, and all-together feel successful in your salon is to stay connected. For only $20 a month, SolaGenius gives you all the tools, like text-message marketing, to make staying connected a breeze! 

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