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No matter your Sola specialty, Spring and Summer present tons of options for profitably growing your business during the height of wedding season. From the couple and wedding party to mother-of-the-bride, flower girl and every invited guest, opportunities abound for growing your salon’s client roster.

According to Brides magazine, 60% of all weddings are held between mid-May and early September, meaning it’s time to hone your focus for this four-month nuptial binge. A little self-sacrifice on weekends is in order: according to The Knot, Saturdays account for 70% of weekend weddings, with Friday and Sunday splitting the diff at 25%.

Sola’s tips for getting the most from wedding season are key on collaborative partnerships: both under the Sola roof and out in your community. Our wedding season ideas start here.

Steal this tip from Vogue

When fashion magazines book photographers for a shoot, those photographers always use their preferred hair and make-up stylists for working as a team…shoot after shoot, issue after issue.

If you don’t know any local wedding photographers, change that sitch right now with TIP 1: a simple Google search of local pros where you’ll find portfolios to check out who’s aesthetic style resonates with yours. TIP 2 is reaching out: meet them for coffee, sharing what YOU can offer their clients and ideas for partnering. Think of your Insta-worthy work as a digital portfolio for showcasing your talents.

Bridal Boutiques + Tux Stores

On your slow days, TIP 3 takes us to local bridal emporiums. Take a deep breath and don’t be shy when asking to speak to the owner or manager. Explain your specialty and offer a review of your best looks on social media.

When the owner likes what s/he sees — because of course they will — be ready to leave a stack of biz cards (TIP 4).

In the mix, TIP 5: offer your expertise for consultations and/or quickie services like updo braiding or brow cleaning on busy days at the shop when appointments might be running behind and clients get antsy. The result: you’re getting facetime with potential new guests.

If your salon targets gents, head to your local tuxedo spot and do the same. From fast brow trims to nail buffing, guys want to look just as good as the gals.

Concierge Events

Are certain venues in your city hosting more than their fair share of weddings? TIP 6 taps into potential new revenue sources by befriending sales and marketing teams at wedding venues and concierges at nearby hotels where there’s no in-house spa or salon.

TIP 7: use the window between 11am and 3pm for visiting hotels (slower times between check out and pre-check in). Use your judgment and invite select front-of-house staff who influence their guests’ experience to your salon at their convenience, offering a complimentary service for sampling your work first-hand. These pros are often the only trusted and accessible resource for referrals to out-of-town guests heading to your city for a wedding.

Think about expanding this idea one-step further by partnering with other Sola pros and hosting an open house offering lickety-split comp services at participating studios for concierges, wedding planners and venue sales directors. And invite them to bring along their brides and grooms! Make it a party with light refreshments and festive décor while providing take-away marketing materials on each participating owner. For guests not familiar with the concept, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase why Sola is the preferred and convenient one-stop shop for beauty.

Splurgeworthy Marketing

Consider setting up a booth at the next local wedding trade show (TIP 8). You can usually find listings and ads in the lifestyle section of your hometown newspapers and magazines. Not only is this a great resource for meeting future brides and expanding your clientele, but it’s also an outstanding networking tool for meeting pros from various wedding-related industries, from fashion, jewelry, hospitality, catering, cake makers, officiants, planners and florists who might refer their clients to you throughout the year.

TIP 9: while you’re at the trade show, go table to table yourself to hand out business cards to all the other vendors, and maybe even offer them a complimentary consultation at your salon! Amp your good karma by seeking like-minded wedding industry pro partners that you can work with season after season and always reciprocate their generosity.


TIP 10: You’ll need to schedule and manage all these new clients, so if you haven’t yet downloaded SolaGenius for online booking 24/7, there’s never been a better time than now.

Get ready for those wedding bells to go CA-CHING!

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