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The recent news about California salons shutting down again came quickly and surprised us all. The abruptness of their closures may have you wondering, "Will this happen to me? Is my state and my salon next?"

Remember, we’ve been through this before and we’ll get through it again - together. Through all of the ups and downs of salon ownership, Sola has your back and we are here to help you get through this #SolaStrong. 

Even if you aren’t in California and if another closure isn't yet on your radar, this is the time to prepare. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and we have so many incredible resources to support you at any stage of your journey on our Sola blog, podcast, and numerous webinars. 

Check out some of the resources we've compiled below to jumpstart your confidence right now:

Financial Resources 💰

Emotional Resources 💙

  • How To Protect Your Energy: Trying to navigate through the reality of COVID-19 can be challenging. But during tough times, the best thing you can do is ground yourself with self-care and positivity. This blog includes some best habits to protect your energy.
  • The Importance of Self-Care During COVID-19: On this episode of the Sola Stories podcast, 2018 Faces of Sola Amanda Fagan discusses the importance of self-care, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.⁠ 
  • Mental Health Care through COVID-19 with Nina Kovner: Watch this webinar led by industry thought-leader and founder of Passion Squared, Nina Kovner, for a candid discussion around mental health during COVID-19. Nina discusses ways to find a new rhythm, tap into creativity, and take honest inventory – without judgment – for how you’re feeling right now, and how to move forward with hope.

Marketing Resources 💻

  • Ways To Make Productive Use of Downtime:  While marketing tends to fall by the wayside amongst busy schedules and day-to-day hustle, you can take any time spent out of the salon as a chance to build a stronger foundation for your business. This blog includes several tips and ideas for channeling time at home into powerful marketing improvements for your business.
  • How to Work on Your Business When You Can’t Work In It: Watch this webinar recording hosted by Sola's Chief Marketing Officer, Jennie Wolff, for a deep dive into ways to improve your business and make money during this time of uncertainty.
  • Social Media & Marketing Tips to Thrive through COVID-19: Watch this webinar recording to find out how some of our rock star Sola pros market their business and utilize social media to fill their books. Topics range from content creation to understanding your target audience to communicating effectively and more.
  • Ways to Stay Connected When You’re Not Behind the Chair: Quarantine can be an isolating experience on so many levels - personally and professionally. As salons close and Sola professionals are tasked with creating connections with clients virtually, watch this Facebook Live hosted by Sam Villa to learn ways to stay connected to your clients, your brand, and your business when you can't work behind the chair.

Motivational Resources 💪

  • 4 Steps to Thrive During Challenging Times: Thriving in challenging times looks different for everyone, but no matter what your situation, there are tools and resources to help you make a successful comeback. In this Facebook Live, Skin Authority's CEO, Celeste Hilling, discusses 4 ways to find success in our current COVID climate. 
  • Leading Heart First: Guiding Sola Through COVID-19: Listen to this Sola Stories podcast episode to hear from Sola's CEO, Christina Russell, on how she has led the charge to support all independent salon owners to reopen as safely as possible, and why she feels the Sola community is in a unique position to thrive on the other side of this unprecedented time.
  • Let’s Talk About The Beauty Industry + COVID-19: On this episode of the Sola Stories podcast, Sola's Chief Marketing Officer, Jennie Wolff, and Culture Ambassador, Kim Bennett, discuss how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting Sola's independent salon owners and the greater beauty industry.
  • Surviving COVID Quarantine + Prepping For The Comeback: On this episode of the Sola Stories Podcast, 2020 Faces of Sola Steven Wren discusses why he made a career change to become a barber at 30 and how he's planning his big post-quarantine comeback.

Please remember that through everything, Sola has your back. We are in this together and we will conquer whatever life throws our way because we are #SolaStrong. 

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