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It’s no secret that this year has been challenging for everyone - and the beauty industry has been hit particularly hard. Throughout hardships and uncertainties, wouldn’t you feel relieved knowing you had a community that had your back? We make the transition to salon ownership seamless by providing move-in-ready salon studios alongside all the educational resources, cutting-edge technology, and support needed to run your own business. Why? Because we are committed to providing you with the best environment and support you need to be successful in your career. 

At Sola, we don't just tell you, "We've got your back." Let us show you all the ways we've got you, no matter what curveballs life throws your way. 

"Sola offers so much support, help, motivation, and education. I can't imagine starting a business without support from Sola. I am constantly reminded I made a great decision.”Ashley Sciulli, Ashley Hair Designs

“Beyond the look and the feel of Sola, I love that there is an entire Sola network and community. There’s social media, the Sola Pro app, the SolaGenius booking system, the blog, education, and more!” - Jodi Snowden, Jodi Snowden & Co. 

“By trade, we know that if we don’t have the right tools, it makes our jobs that much harder; harder to do, do well, and to complete. Sola gave me the tools I needed to succeed, and the longer that I have been here, the better it has gotten. The technology and education is unparalleled with SolaGenius, Sola Sessions, salon classes, webinars, and even the blog posts! When SolaGenius was introduced to us, it was an absolute game-changer for me as a business owner. It has been my personal assistant and receptionist both in one simple application!” - Ashley White, Ashley White Studio

Here are a few ways that Sola has your back...✨

Comprehensive Start-Up Guide

Our start-up guide has everything you need to know to get your business up and running - from licensing documents, tax information, marketing tips and so much more!

“When I opened my first Sola I was so scared of not knowing how to get everything done before opening, but Sola’s guide helped me with everything, and there are so many people that help you when you have a question.” - Samena Amin, Lavish Hair Studio

Sola Pro

Our free app for all Sola professionals provides inspiration and education at your fingertips! Want to watch educational videos that range from business and marketing to inspiration and motivation? Or maybe you're more interested in the latest exclusive deal from your favorite brand or checking out what local classes are coming to your neck of the woods. You can get all that and so much more in Sola Pro!

“Another huge perk is that Sola has provided educational opportunities such as Sola Sessions, webinars, and on the Sola Pro app they are constantly updating new blogs and tips. This is important because as a stylist you don’t ever stop learning.” - Shelbie Donoho, Meraki Salon & Co.

Sola Blog
Every Wednesday (at least!), we post a new blog - chock-full of business, marketing, and social media tips, inspirational success stories and so much more! This year our blog has been more crucial than ever, full ofhelpful resources and tips created just for you to navigate all of the COVID challenges this year has presented.

“The educational content that Sola provides is truly top-notch, and all of the blog posts really help to keep me on top of my game and inspired.” - Bekah Hamilton, A Beautiful Place Salon 

Your own webpage on solasalons.com

As a Sola professional, you will have your very own Sola webpage on www.solasalons.com, which you can easily customize in Sola Pro with a descriptive bio, an image gallery, contact information and hours, as well as an online booking button (for SolaGenius users).


Sola’s all-in-one scheduling and payment processing app has been a life-saver for our Sola Fam - especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Available for just $20/month, meet your new digital personal assistant. SolaGenius’s features include 24/7 online booking (making rebooking clients a breeze!), a simple calendar interface, notifications and reminders, text message marketing, client notes, analytics and reports, and reliable customer support. Run your Sola like a boss with SolaGenius! Click here to learn more about SolaGenius.

"After my salon temporarily closed down due to COVID-19, I requested that [my clients] visit my online booking site with SolaGenius and schedule themselves in. This made it easy by allowing them to do it themselves so we both weren't trying to find a mutually available appointment. My clients find the online booking so easy to use that every single one of them went on and booked their appointment. That was such a relief!" - Ashley White, Ashley White Studio

BookNow To Help You Fill Your Books

In January 2019, we rolled out our revolutionary online search and booking engine, BookNow, to help drive new customers to our Sola pros.


How does it work? Think of it like Open Table for beauty services. We drive tons of traffic to our website (like millions of people…) who are looking to book a one-on-one appointment with a beauty professional. Then, when they come to solasalons.com they can search by location, date, service, and availability and browse our directory of hairdressers, nail techs, estheticians, massage therapists, barbers, etc, (who use SolaGenius) and they can book right online, 24 hours a day. SolaGenius takes care of the business for you leaving you to focus on what you love most. 

Virtual and Live Education 

We know how important education is to continue growing in your career. In a non-COVID world, we normally host the Sola Sessions, which are Sola-exclusive education events with some of the industry's most influential artists and educators. Typically held twice a year around the country, our community is able to network with fellow Sola professionals, gather valuable takeaways to elevate their business and craft, sip cocktails and snap selfies with some of their idols and mentors.


Since this year has made attending live events less of an option, we hosted over 20 Facebook Lives and webinars, with topics varying from sanitation best practices, to how to reopen your business, to artistic videos from industry legends. Although we know you all look forward to in-person education, given the COVID climate, we had to adjust and adapt while still providing you with all the education you need to grow and succeed in your career. All recorded webinars are available for Sola pros to watch on-demand in the Sola Pro app.

Support From Your #SolaFam and Managers

To top it all off, all of our franchisees and managers at each Sola location go through extensive franchisee and manager training to ensure you are always taken care of. 2020's COVID-19 shutdowns proved our franchisees' unwavering support. Between waiving rent, constant updates and communication, and their dedication to helping their #SolaFam reopen safely, their efforts did not go unnoticed. 

“Thank you Sola for everything you do and have done to make it easier to create a safe environment in these crazy times.” - Denise Boltinhouse, The DB Studios

“I was scared of the unknown and the what-ifs. Thankfully Sola has been in constant communication with us suite owners and sent out a checklist (who doesn’t love a good checklist?!) and also a guide to what they are doing to help keep the building safe and clean! Not only am I keeping my space sanitized but the hallways, floors, and bathrooms are consistently being sanitized for everyone’s safety. Sola has made me feel confident that my guests will be entering a clean environment and I’m so blessed to be back doing what I love!” - Tara Gonzalez, TGHairLove

"Sola is the best. I moved to a Sola Aliso Viejo about a year and half ago and I can't recommend them enough. It's a great company and they really are taking care of us through this pandemic."Bennie Gerardi, Hair by Bennie

"Huge shoutout to Sola Grove City for taking such good care of us during this crazy time. From making sure our salons will be in pristine condition when we reopen, to your open lines of communication and checking in on your stylists while we are all at home - Thank you, thank you,thank you! We appreciate you so much. Thank you for keeping us #SolaStrong 💕"   - Bekah Hamilton, A Beautiful Place Salon

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