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There are some stylists who have known their whole lives that being a hairdresser is their calling. Maybe they are a third generation stylist, or they’ve been hooked ever since styling their Barbie doll. But that’s not always the case!

Karri Lane, of Studio 83 Hair at Sola Salons Tucson, AZ, started out as a Biology and Geography student at West Texas A&M University. She was only one semester away from graduation when she decided she needed a little breather. After touring Exposito School of Hair Design, Karri decided to enroll. The plan was to take a break from her college studies, earn some money, and eventually go back. But just three months into her classes at Exposito, Karri knew she had found her calling. She never did go back to finish her Biology degree – she was hooked on hair! Karri didn’t just find a job, she found a fulfilling career, one she’s enjoyed for the past 19 years – 11 of which she has spent educating.

“I like the creativity of [my career],” she said. “I like the bond I have with my guests.” Karri was a stylist, mentor and educator at a prestigious, commissioned salon in Tucson for more than 12 years, but she yearned for more one-on-one attention with her clients and more flexibility in her schedule. Since coming to Sola four and a half years ago, she has enjoyed the freedom of setting her own schedule, which has allowed her to spend more time educating. Karri is a Regional Artist for L’Oréal Professionnel where she educates about the L’Oréal Parisian House of Hair and all its products.

At her salon, Studio 83 Hair, Karri specializes in providing the total package for her guests: cuts, colors, perms, smoothing treatments and extensions. She has also added two services since coming to Sola: spray tanning and waxing. When asked what advice she had for stylists thinking about making the move to Sola, Karri was enthusiastically supportive.

“Go for it! It was the best decision of my career!” she exclaimed. “It isn’t easy, but it’s totally worth it to be an entrepreneur. Sola has a great plan to help you get your business started.” Karri’s revenue has also increased since coming to Sola, but she stressed that more money only comes from hard work and putting in the necessary time. Although now, instead of just earning a commission, she is able to put all the money she earns back into her own business – not someone else’s. “I just love what I get to do every day!” Karri said. “Bringing the beauty to my guests and well as bringing education to our industry’s best! I couldn’t ask for more.”

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