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Sola stories blog ep 6 qt

In addition to in-depth interviews with Solepreneurs and industry thought-leaders, Sola Stories brings you Quick Tips to give you bite-sized pieces of valuable information that you can use to improve your business when you have a few minutes between clients or driving to work.

On this first Quick Tip, listen as Sola’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jennie Wolff, shares some marketing tips to help you find fun over fear when marketing your business. Jennie eases us into the sometimes frightening world of marketing and teaches us the importance of knowing how to tell your story. 

Fun fact we learn in this episode: The average relationship a woman has with her hairdresser is 12 years, while the average relationship a woman has with her husband is 11.5 years. Your client relationships matter and the only way your clients can build a long-lasting relationship with you is by knowing your story. That’s where marketing comes in. If you are willing to put in the time and energy, especially as an independent salon owner, you get to predict your own future, and the sky's the limit. 

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In This Episode

[00:26] Welcome to the show!

[00:45] Our goal with the marketing quick tip is to give you bite-sized pieces of content that you can listen to any time.

[02:06] Marketing allows us to find your story every day.

[02:21] Jennie speaks about how to get started in marketing, and the fear that surrounds putting yourself out there.

[03:10] Jennie shares about her first job in a marketing agency.

[03:55] Jennie believes that independent salon owners are way ahead in the marketing game.

[04:36] A survey showed that a woman's average relationship with her hairdresser is twelve years, but the average relationship with their spouse is eleven and a half years.

[05:21] Marketing is like learning a new color technique and using it the first time.

[05:31] Marketing is all about storytelling.

[05:51] How often do you give yourself the chance to tell your story.

[06:21] Tip #1, learn something new every day.

[07:44] Tip #2, keep trying new things.

[08:52] Tip #3, ask for help when you need it.

[10:03] When you are willing to put in the time and energy especially as an independent salon owner you get to predict your own future and the sky's the limit.

[10:17] I hope you walk away from today's quick tip realizing how fun and not scary marketing can be.

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