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We know that tax season is a daunting time for everyone, and small business owners are no exception. As an independent salon owner at Sola, you want to save money and get the most out of deductions and credits. That’s why SolaGenius has your back. If you haven’t made the switch to SolaGenius, have a read through these quick tips that will help you get ahead and stay ahead of the game. So you can sit back, relax and rest assured that your business paperwork can be easily accessed and submitted for your quarterly and yearly taxes. 

Here are the 4 main ways that SolaGenius helps you with your taxes:

  1. Get your 1099-K automatically. Any SolaGenius user that has both processed over $20k in transactions and done 200 separate transactions per year will have a 1099-K automatically sent to their home address. The 1099-K will make the credit card transactions side of your business easy for tax purposes.
    1. If a independent salon owner doesn’t meet these requirements (20K in transactions and 200 separate transactions), tax law doesn’t require the issuance of a 1099, however they still have to file report their self-employment income. So that would just require them to pull their sales reports.
  2. Access all the info you need with easy sales reports. Pull sales reports that were designed to have all the info an accountant would need for filing taxes. Sales reports provide you with calculations of your earnings, services, products, gratuity, credit card fees, and more in one easy-to-understand report. Tap More> Reports > Report Type > Sales in settings. Then select the date range > Tap Send on the upper right-hand corner. The report will be sent directly to your email address on file.
  3. Worry less about calculating sales & retail sales tax. When you use SolaGenius's to check clients out, all of your sales and retail sales tax is automatically calculated for you so when tax season rolls around, you're never going to have to spend more than a few seconds retrieving what amounts you collected in sales or retail sales tax. Tap More > Reports > Report Type > Retails Sales and/or Sales Tax. Then select the date range > Tap Send on the upper right-hand corner. The report will be sent directly to your email address on file.

  1. Run customized reporting. SolaGenius makes it easy for you to run customized reporting because all of your data is in one place! Forget about rummaging through receipts, client files, your other payment processor, and reconciling it with appointments that happened or didn't happen. Everything you need is in the app's reporting, which can be customized according to your date range!

With these tips and SolaGenius support at your fingertips, we hope tax season becomes less of a burden year after year. It’s our goal to provide the support and tools you need so that you can live the life you love. Run Your Sola Like a BOSS.


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