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Here’s an idea for making every minute matter this summer: tap into SolaGenius - the time and money saving app exclusively designed to benefit YOU.

If you’ve mastered Facebook and Insta on your smartphone or tablet, you can do it!

No need to be a tech guru to grasp SolaGenius, the easy-peasy app that accelerates your salon to new heights. For $20/month, think of it as your point-and-click personal assistant for growing your business in no time.

From new biz card design to rolling out retail, tackling bottom-line boosting projects is simplified with SolaGenius. And because we love you, check out our show-and-tell illustrations — just in case you feel a tiny bit tech challenged.

Revving Up Retail

With SolaGenius you can upload, manage, sell and track all your retail product. Take a few tips from your fella Sola pros on why this facet pays dividends all year long.

Hyperlinked for easy reading: Show, Touch + Tell with Ashley Lantz, who covers her monthly fee in product alone via retail therapy, plus Kimi Bennett’s guide to seamlessly integrating product with services.

Texting Fills Your Schedule — Fast! 

Now that you know how important building your retail biz is, it’s time for the next step: letting guests know the amazing products you stock.

Say you want to share the news that anyone booking an appointment in the next day, week or month receives comp samples or 15% off retail purchases. A few clicks is all it takes:

1. Click the More button of your main screen.

2. Hit Gloss Up — the texting message marketing feature.   

3. Select your target audience - clients you once counted as regulars but haven’t seen in a while, big spenders, product addicts, plus Facebook friends, Insta followers, family - focusing on your list is essential for running a successful campaign.

4. Choose your message: Gloss Up offers 27 pre-written promotional messages. It’s your call what works for you. You can either use it as is, edit as you see fit, or if you want to create your own, just type it up.

5. Test your text by sending it to yourself. When you love what you see, hit send.

Btw, if you get annoyed being on the receiving end of a group text, think about your guests. SolaGenius solves the issue by streamlining the process of sending dozens of text messages in one time-saving click so no one else sees who’s on your list. Buh bye #replyall.

Building Your Brand

Among the thousands of Sola stylists building theirs with SolaGenius: how-tos here from the barber with a law degree, Chris Matthew of Dillinger’s, who inspires yours to be daring, from business cards and webpage design to social media uploads and more. 

Note his quote about depending on this must-have app for life in and outside his shop. Chris’s 24/7 commitments mean his phone performs all his admin work too: SolaGenius takes care of mandatory by-appointment-only scheduling for both his legal and grooming practices.

Expand Your Skill Set at Sola Sessions

From new techniques and products, motivational boosting speakers (seriously, you’ll want to make Nina Kovner your bestie after listening to her), and salon-tech savvy, nearly two dozen of the industry’s best-known pros share best-practice solutions that you can use.

What? Haven’t you booked your tix for September 24th in Chicago? The swag bag alone redeems the cost of your ticket, which you can purchase by clicking here.

You’ll also meet our own Jennie Wolff who’s there to guide you on taking advantage of all the marketing solutions Sola offers - including SolaGenius - at your fingertips.

Take it from Dawn Balas, who attended the most recent Sola Sessions in West Palm Beach: "Sessions connects you with more than day-to-day studio life. It makes you feel part of a big supportive community. Everyone is part of a family! Plus, having access to products and tools was a huge plus. It was inspiring and rejuvenating!”

To get schooled in #SolaGenius, enroll here

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