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On Monday, November 14, 2016, more than 150 salon professionals from 11 states gathered at the Hilton Center City for the Sola Sessions!

Throughout the day, education on the main stage featured customer service tips on how to better understand your guests and thrive as an independent business owner to holiday marketing ideas to color application techniques to knowing your numbers, cutting, styling and so much more! Emcee Kim Bennett Horvath, Sola’s first ever stylist and Culture Ambassador kicked off the event by inspiring stylists to think about the future of the industry. She shared stories from her experiences as a 12-year Sola veteran, and congratulated the audience for taking the leap with Sola. She reminded the audience that sometimes, when you jump, the going gets tough, but you’ll never thrive without making that jump in the first place.

Kim Bennett Horvath, Sola Salon Studios Culture Ambassador & Director of Industry Relations

The Charlotte Sola Sessions featured top educators from various aspects of the professional beauty industry, including Terri Cowan (Professional Salon Concepts), Nick Berardi (Wella), Jennie Wolff (Sola Salon Studios VP Marketing & Education), Danielle Keasling (Matrix), Rob Cass (Salon Prophets / Wella), and Jason Reyes and Donna Mizell (Paul Mitchell). Additionally, Hattori Hanzo Shears, Hydropeptide, KLASS Beauty hosted additional learning opportunities at their vendor tables, and presented short segments on the main stage equipped with awesome giveaways!

Terri Cowan, Professional Salon Concepts

Jennie Wolff, Sola Salon Studios VP Marketing & Education

Nick Berardi, Wella

Danielle Keasling, Matrix

Rob Cass, Wella / Salon Prophets

Jason Reyes & Donna Mizell, Paul Mitchell

The Sola community walked away feeling inspired and motivated to take what they learned back to the salon and end the year with a bang! Below are a few testimonials they shared:

  • "I came back with lots of realistic ideas to increase my business by $30,000 a year starting with only a  $20 a day increase! I'm very motivated." – Alison
  • "I am so excited that I got the opportunity to attend the show...learning is never ending in our industry! I'm new to the Sola Salons so it was very exciting to see how many people started at the bottom and made it to the top and it gived me hope and inspiration that I can do it also!! I'm very excited to see what's in store for me in my new career!" – Shayna
  • "I learned so many business tips! My favorite were holiday marketing ideas and learning about updating the Sola website yourself through the Sola Pro app." – Kendra
  • "I learned to stop selling myself short. To know that I'm worth it and charge (within reason) what I'm worth." – Heather
  • "To take the time to go over all my expenses and earnings at the end of each week." – Robert
  • "I learned to never discount yourself or your business. You may lose a couple people but you can't discount yourself!" – Tabitha
  • "I enjoyed my entire experience. It really made me see my craft from a new set of eyes. I will absolutely honor my craft even more so from now on. Sola Sessions has sparked a new flame!" – Vicki

If you missed the Charlotte Sola Session, mark your calendar for an upcoming event! Join us in Dallas, TX on Monday, February 13, 2017. Additional 2017 Sola Sessions dates to be announced.

For more information about the Sola Sessions, click here.

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