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Throughout the years, I’ve been so inspired by the amazing moms, dads, grandparents and pet parents within our Sola community. You all have shown me what being a working parent is all about. Recently, I posted to my Instagram asking for tips for a new parent and I got so many goodies to take into this new chapter with me. 

Here is what you all had to say

"Soak up every moment, even through some days are going to feel so exhausting. Take a ridiculous amount of photos, especially on delivery day. It will help you to look back and remember all of the details. Sleep when baby sleeps. Accept help when help is offered." - @jodisnowden

"Just enjoy time with the new little one. It can be challenging and yes, you will be exhausted, but the time with them being so fresh and new goes fast. That was such a challenging time for me, but if I could go back to it, I would in a heart beat. Just enjoy!" - @alex_sylvester

"I would say that what helped me the most, and I recommend to everyone on delivery day, is to use the nursery services available to you in the hospital if they are allowed currently. You realize how renewing a few hours of sleep can be for your mind, body and soul. When you are home, remember that it takes a village! If people ask what they can do to help, please allow them to do the external work like grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Self-care is so very important in the weeks after delivery. It is normal to experience emotional waves, and one thing I made sure to do was shower daily. Even if I jumped right back into comfy clothes. There is something so cleansing about a shower." - @bynicolenaturally

"My kids are all grown now and I have grandchildren! Organization was key -  making sure things are in order and flowed. That made it so easy for me to give more attention to the baby. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and being sleep deprived doesn’t help! A love like you have never felt before is here!" - @phormula708studio 

"My biggest suggestions is when anyone offers to help, please accept it! And enjoy all the time with the baby. At the end of the day, the dishes and laundry will always be there, but the time is the most precious." - @the_blondologist

"Take the help! When someone offers to help and puts their hands out for the baby, put a vacuum in their hands!" - @dina_hairstylist

"Keep a close eye on him when he begins to roll over. Diaper changing can become an adventure if you turn away for a moment!" - @mrwrencuts

"My advice, in addition to savoring every moment, is to not be too hard on yourself and do whatever is best for you. Mama knows best! Trust your intuition." - @okoszuta

"Everything passes. The nervousness of having a brand new baby, the struggles to breastfeed, the sleepless nights…but so do the good things. I wish I could go back and live every moment over. It wasn’t perfect, but it was perfect for me. His feet will never be as tiny as they are today! Live in the moment. Don’t wish away the bad because you will miss soaking up the good, and it’s all going to be perfect!" - @brush_x_nicolette

"Sleep often. And forget about the chores!" - @iamjaderobin 

"Enjoy the quality time with your husband that you have now, because once the baby comes, it will be hard. Try not to stress about labor and delivery. Our bodies are AMAZING and we know what to do. Take deep breaths and try to relax. Get ready to experience motherhood. You are in for exciting times. Cherish every moment. It flies by in a blink of an eye!" - @wispsalonalexandria

"It’s okay to not enjoy every moment. Babies and kids are great, but every parenting moment is not bliss. There is nothing wrong with you if there are moments that you just put your head down and slog through. Everything passes, including the moments that are truly awful. Oh! And a meal train is the best thing ever. Have people bring you food - no one is allowed near you empty handed!" - @courtneylallison

"It’s so wonderful to have something happy and joyful to focus on during these times! My son just turned 8 and babyhood seems so long ago. One of the best sleeping tips we did was put a bed in the baby’s room. We took turns sleeping in that room so only one of us was getting up at night, and the other got a good night’s sleep. Take everything in stride; stop and enjoy the little moments. They are only that small once in their life and it goes so fast." - @sherriswanhair

"Babies feed off of your energy, so when he’s screaming, try to stay as calm as possible. When you can't figure out what they need, just walk outside and they may relax. Remember, if they’re crying, they are breathing." - @ajr337 

"My best piece of advice is to rest when you can. It will be completely life-changing in the best of ways! Hard at times, but so rewarding. Take lots and lots of pictures! Let your house go. There is always tomorrow, but cherish today!" - @ashleywhitestudio 

"Document everything. Write it all down, every little thing! And take millions of pictures. Expand your iCloud storage now because you’ll need it! 💙" - @nikibakri

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