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Sun, salt, sand and chlorine. These are all important elements to essential summer fun and relaxation. However, these are also four elements which can ravage our carefully coiffed hair. With the proper precautions and tools, though, your hair can stay perfectly moisturized and protected all summer long. Who knows, maybe this year you’ll even achieve those perfect summer beach waves! Stylist Mindy Rodriguez of The Lather Lounge at Sola Salons Brentwood shares some of her summer hair protection tips:

Add a color preserving treatment to your color service.

Summer elements can cause color treated hair to fade faster than normal. While at the salon, Rodriguez advises adding a color preserving treatment to extend the life of your color. She explains, “I use one that creates a crystal shell around the color molecules. When shampooing, the crystal shell gradually washes away first before it starts washing away the color. This will give you about an extra 2 weeks of vibrant color.”

Use a sulfate free shampoo.

Shampoos containing sulfates can be damaging to the hair follicle. While using a sulfate free shampoo is a good idea year round, it’s particularly useful in the summer months to prevent dryness and scalp irritation. Sulfate free shampoo will also cut down on unwanted frizziness in your hair, particularly if you live in an area with high humidity during the summer.

Wet your hair with regular water before swimming.

Whether you’re getting into the pool or ocean, Rodriguez explains, “hair is like a sponge. If it's dry, it will soak up whatever liquid it comes in contact with.” She recommends dousing your hair with regular water and even applying a strong hair masque before taking the plunge: “My favorite is the Brazilian Blowout Masque. This will create a barrier from soaking up so much chlorine or salt water."

Use a deep moisturizing hair masque as a conditioner.

Chlorine, salt and sand can all dramatically dry out your hair. If you’ve been in the pool or at the beach, skip the normal conditioner and swap it out for a stronger, deep moisturizing hair masque in the shower. Not only will a hair masque deposit intense moisture to your hair, it will also increase shine and soothe your scalp.

Post swimming, use a clarifying spray.

Rodriguez recommends Enjoy Clarifying Spray: “it's ph balanced so it only removes what's needed from your hair. Apply a sulfate free shampoo on top of clarifying spray to remove any leftover chlorine or salt water. Finish with a hair masque and leave on for 5-10 minutes.”

Wear a hat.

Throwing on a hat in the sun will prevent color from fading so quickly and will also decrease the chances of your scalp getting burned. As an added bonus, your face will also be shielded from those harmful UV rays! Can you add to this list? What are some ways you protect your hair while enjoying the summer sun? Let us know in the comments below!

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