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As we near the end of a difficult financial year, you might find yourself looking for some ways to get one last year-end financial boost. Retail is an excellent way to give you that biz boost you are looking for. And luckily for you, as a Solapreneur, you get to choose the products you not only use, but sell, and keep 100% of your profits!

This means retail is a huge opportunity for you to increase your bottom line without spending more hours behind the chair. So even if you're never dabbled in the retail game before, there is no better time to hop on the train than when sales are at an all-time high.

Did you know that the holidays are when many businesses do 60% or more of their sales for the entire year? The time is now! Take advantage of the holiday splurge-fest with these holiday retailing tips.

1. Create Festive Retail-Focused Displays

It is the time of year to put out special holiday displays featuring gift sets and packaged deals to get people doing their holiday shopping in your salon. Not only is it a great opportunity for people to treat their friends and family, but it is also a good time for people to treat themselves! Remind your clients that they, too, deserve a little extra pampering around the holiday season. After all, this year has been tough and the holidays can get stressful for everyone. Who couldn’t use a little retail therapy with self-care products from the salon?


2. Incorporate Retail Into Your Decor

It’s always fun to get in the holiday spirit by turning your salon into a festive oasis. Even if you don't love going all out on holiday salon makeovers, you can still get in the holiday spirit with some peppermint candies, a festive bouquet of flowers and some holiday background music. It's important to make sure that your holiday displays are integrated into the decor of your salon.


Your retail display can become part of your decor by including your products into the festivities! Find decor that can draw their eyes to your retail display and show off your great holiday gift offerings. At Sola, you can do anything you want with your decor, so use the freedom to make it unique to you and your brand. This is also a good time to display gift cards - aka the gift that keeps on giving (while potentially getting you new clients!).


3. Ready-To-Open Gift Sets

Many Solapreneurs add gift sets to their retail offerings around this time of year.


Sola Culture Ambassador, Kim Bennett, orders “gift sets of products. It makes it easier as they are all boxed up and pretty. Eye-catching impulse buys throughout the studio - fun brushes, mini sizes, tools, and fun already wrapped ready to go gifts allow guests to get all their favorites in one purchase. Also, they want to shop for their family and friends too, so make sure they know about all the options!”

When clients are in your chair, ask them, "Who are you shopping for this holiday season?" and when they tell you, recommend products or gift baskets that could work for those loved ones on their shopping list. Not only will you save them the time and hassle of having to deal with the holiday shopping madness or post-office delays from shopping online, but you could potentially turn them on to new products they've never thought to buy before.

Gift sets are an economical and easy way to give the gift of self-care. People are often on a time crunch during the holidays, so when they make time to go to the salon, what a great way to sneak holiday shopping into their day!?


Retail around the holidays is also a fun way to promote your business to your clients' friends and family. Think about custom wrapping if you tend to get a lot of gifting business around the holidays. A sticker with your salon logo or a business card with booking information could go a long way inside of a gift from a friend. When a client swears by your services and gifts something from your salon, they are giving you a major referral moment!

You can also offer discounts or specials for purchasing multiple gift sets. Put out a sign or mention when they are listing the people on their holiday shopping list, "Shopping for mom, sister, best friend and daughter? Buy three gift sets and get the fourth free!" This may encourage clients to spend a little more than they were planning in your salon in order to save time and money in the long run. Make sure that whatever special you offer doesn't hurt your bottom line. You should be marking up gift baskets enough that you can still profit with any deal you offer. 

4. Holiday Specials

Try to incorporate your products into services by offering a special deal on a product when purchased with particular services that are popular around the holidays. For example, if deep conditioning treatments or blow drys are a common service you provide, offer a discounted take-home leave-in treatment or blow-dry spray to continue the results at home. You can get creative in naming these like a “Winter Hair Self-Care Package” or a “Holiday Blow Out Special” so that they realize these are seasonal, and therefore time-sensitive, offers.


5. Offer Product Samples as Gifts

Retail extraordinaire Kim Bennett also likes to use sample sizes of products as holiday gifts for her clients. She explains, "Every year I invest in giving a present to each of my guests! I try to give them a travel size of something they have never tried before that I recommend for them. When they return they usually are out and purchasing a full size.”



We love the idea of gifting to your clients around the holidays. If you have ever been given a lot of sample sizes from an event or company, or perhaps you had a bunch that never sold, this is a good time of year to use them up and make space for something new. Sample sizes are the best promotions to get people hooked on a new product.

6. Market Your Holiday Retail

Use social media posts and text and email blasts to announce your holiday deals. This way, your clients can prep their shopping spree before they come in for their holiday appointment. Some people may not think of the salon as a place to do their holiday shopping, but if you are showing them gift sets and using language like, “gift of self-care,” or “liquid love,” they’ll begin to associate your salon with an opportunity to splurge on loved ones with products that they know and love. They might even book an appointment over the holidays specifically to take advantage of your holiday specials.


Remember that your holiday displays can go a long way in drumming up holiday spirit. The more holiday spirit you bring, the more your clients will think about holiday gifts while they sit in your chair. If they can leave your salon with a few gifts checked off their “nice” list, they’ll be able to cross one more thing off their to-do list, while leaving with a fresh new look...*cue sigh of relief*!

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