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Welcome to the Sola Stories podcast, where we share stories, business and marketing tips, and best practices to inspire you to chase your dreams, elevate your career and experience the freedom of salon ownership. Join us to learn from independent salon owners as well as the industry’s most influential thought leaders and get inspired to live your best life. 

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How is your salon handling the invasion of the coronavirus? Listen in as host, Jennie Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer at Sola Salon Studios, and her guest Kim Bennett, Sola’s Culture Ambassador and the first-ever Sola stylist, discuss how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting Sola Salon Studios’ independent salon owners and the greater beauty industry. 

Kim (@kimi_kisses) shares how the mandated salon closures have affected her salon and her need to make sure her clients were all right. She also speaks about being lost the first few days she was home and how clearing her head helped her come up with some new ideas for the salon and how having a plan has kept her motivated.

Listen as Jennie and Kim discuss ways to generate income for your salon while you are closed and to make sure you are communicating with your clients. Kim shares how she’s used Sola’s salon management technology, SolaGenius, especially the app’s customizable reports to help her take an in-depth look into her salon business. They speak about taking this time to set up technology to help you run your business more efficiently if you don’t already have it in place, as well as the Sola Blog, resources and education that you can turn to help you navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

Have you been thinking about restructuring your business? You have the time now, so use it to change what you have wanted to change, let your new ideas shine, and get ready to be the busiest you’ve probably ever been once your salon doors reopen. Your clients have no other place to go, so once the mandate is lifted, they will line up to cover those roots and get back to normal.

Jennie has been focusing on supporting the Sola community from the Sola Home Office, while Kimi is on the front lines as an independent salon owner, and together, they hand out some much-needed inspiration and ideas to keep you going during his unprecedented time. If you are looking for guidance to support you through these uncharted waters, you don’t want to miss this episode.

In This Episode

[00:24] Welcome, everyone!

[02:27] Kimi, thank you for being on the show.

[04:08] Kimi shares what she experienced after the state of Colorado mandated salon closures for six weeks.

[05:46] Jennie speaks about the COVID-19 task force they assembled at the Sola home office.

[07:11] Kimi’s first thought was to make sure her clients were being handled.

[08:48] After the virus outbreak was your salon busy with people trying to get in before it forced them to stay home?

[09:37] Jennie tells a story about her 91-year-old grandma’s willingness to stop everything except getting her hair done.

[12:14] Kimi shares how she stays motivated now that her salon is closed.

[15:56] What are you doing to generate revenue in your salon during the shutdown?

[18:21] Kimi speaks about Sola gift cards and how they are helping to generate revenue.

[20:15] Kimi chats about the plan she has for when the salon reopens.

[23:19] Are you learning how to communicate in a new way? Are you communicating with your clients?

[24:18] Kimi shares how the SolaGenius reports are helping her work on her business while she can’t work in it.

[27:16] Jennie believes now is the time to set up technology for your business if you don’t already have it.

[28:01] Kimi says that working with Sola has elevated her in every aspect of her life.

[29:33] Jennie shares about all the tools you can get through Sola and the blog they started.

[32:00] Kimi, how are you homeschooling, communicating with your clients and taking care of your family?

[34:41] They recap taking the time now to restructure your business, change things you’ve wanted to change, and be ready to be very busy when you reopen.

[37:33] Make connections with each other during this time, connect with Sola on Instagram, blogs with tips, and education videos.

[38:58] Jennie reads some inspiring quotes from Faces of Sola.

[39:58] Kimi gives some final thoughts for the listeners.

[41:13] Kimi, thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with us.

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