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What is Sola Sessions + Why You Should Attend image

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on at Sola Sessions? Maybe you're new to our community and keep hearing about this event, but have no idea what people are talking about... We're here to fill you on everything you need to know, plus why you should join us at the 2023 Sola Sessions: Breaking Through in Austin, TX (June 18-20th).

Sola Sessions is our annual in-person immersive, educational event that is designed to inspire the independent beauty professional. We bring the top industry thought-leaders to YOU - and the best part is that this event is exclusive enough that you can get up-close and personal with them at VIP events or even happy hours. We know there are other education events out there in the beauty industry, but what makes ours different is that the education is catered to YOU - the independent beauty pro. Sessions is more than just artistic education - because we know that having the proper business knowledge is absolutely essential to succeeding as a salon suite owner. Each year, we make it a top priority to bring you the best of the best in business, marketing, finance and more to help you create a sustainable and successful salon business…that way, you can truly enjoy the perks of being the BOSS!

This year, we are taking things up a notch and bringing even more education, inspiration, and community...