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What we learned from fos 2020

Last week we brought the 2020 Faces of Sola together for four days in Denver, CO for an experience unlike anything we've ever done before. We shared, connected, learned and created together, and walked away feeling truly empowered by one another. Each of the Faces of Sola brought something unique to the table - whether it was their unique skills outside of the salon, their background, life experience, or dreams for the future. But they all shared the common thread of their desire to inspire and be part of something bigger.

The 2020 Faces of Sola embody what it means to be an independent salon owner. They showed us how they not only excel in their careers but also as artists, educators, philanthropists, working parents and valuable members of the Sola community. The saying, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts," couldn't have felt more true. When these Sola pros came together, it was pure magic. 

Before the event, we spent so much time learning about the Faces of Sola and gave you a bit of insight into who they are as people and salon owners, but once we were together, we had the honor of learning so much more from them. Throughout the experience, they taught us about the value of education, the power of the Sola community (and the importance of leaning in!), the significance of believing in yourself and the beauty of authenticity. 

These #SolaBosses brought so much wisdom, that we couldn't keep it all to ourselves. So check out some of our top takeaways from the 2020 #FOSExperience! 

The Importance of Education and Hustle:

"If you’re going to do something give it your all or get out of the way...Be open to change and growth, and strive to continue your education" - Stefanie StairThe STAIR Way, Knoxville, TN

"Never stop learning because your learning doesn’t stop when you graduate. Invest in continuing education and find a mentor. The sky is the limit! No dream is too big." - Tahesa NelsonStudio 406 Hair Salon, Madison, AL

"Constantly build and grow. Keep your drive and hunger." - Steven WrenSteven Brandon Hair Studio, Bloomingdale, IL

"Keep learning! Find and assist those doing what you want to do." - Carlisha Duffey NunnallySouthern Girl Natural Hair Studios, Topeka, KS  

"Watch, learn ask questions and keep learning from those around you." - Ashley White, Ashley White Studio, Granger, IN 

The Importance of Believing In Yourself: 

"It takes perseverance, heart, believing in yourself, and some hustle to make it in this business." - Diana AntesDiana Antes Studio, Sunnyvale, CA

“Reward generally requires risk. If you believe in yourself, then others will believe in you too.” - Gina Micheletti, Slay Bae Suite, Franklin, TN

"If your heart and gut are telling you to do this, take a leap of faith and do it." - Shelbie DonohoMeraki Salon & Co., Springfield, MO

"Taking the leap of faith to work for myself even before I felt ready was me being my own rescue. I championed for myself and I began to actively see the life I wanted being created" - Carlisha Duffey Nunnally

"In this industry, it is really easy to compare yourself to everyone else and do what everyone else is doing, but your clients come to you for you!" - Jodi Snowden, Jodi Snowden and Co., Murrieta, CA

The Power of Sola:

"That there is so much freedom in being a business owner and it is a lot more simple than most think. Sola makes it so easy to transition! It’s worth the risk." - Gina Micheletti, Slay Bae Suite, Franklin, TN

"The resources Sola has been able to provide have made a huge impact on my business. It's having the ability to create what I want, be surrounded by like-minded individuals, and support." - Tara ChiltonMeraki Salon & Co., Springfield, MO. 

“Success unshared is failure” - Kim Bennett, Kim Bennett Studios, Highlands Ranch, CO

"Sola offers so many opportunities. You create your own schedule, create your own pricing, be in control of your own finances, create your own brand and environment, decorate how you feel, and have the freedom of being your own boss but surrounded by a bunch of like-minded people." - Shelbie Donoho

"Sola always has your back." - Cuyler EngramLoft 22, Houston, TX 

"Don’t settle; keep up with new trends, marketing, and social media. Sola provides all of this for free on their Sola App, utilize it!" - Shelbie Donoho

"Sola offers so much support, help, motivation, and education. I can't imagine starting a business without support from Sola. I am constantly reminded I made a great decision." - Ashley SciulliAshley Hair Designs, Pittsburgh, PA

"If what you are looking for is to create your own brand or identity for your trade, Sola Salons is the place. They offer all the facilities to create your own atmosphere and develop your creativity for your dream business." - Alberto PadillaCaptial A, Eugene, OR 

"Even though we are our own boss, Sola created this awesome opportunity where we still have each other just a couple steps away. If you need help, ask for it, we are a Sola family in this Sola community." - Shelbie Donoho

The Importance of Authenticity:

"Be your true self always. People are gonna love for who you are." - Filipe Ramos, Allure Hues, Beverly Hills, CA 

"I've never changed myself, style or personality and it’s what has made me successful. I never change my roots. Consistency and authenticity are why my clients come back." - Brittany AtheyMel's Place Men's Cuts, Rocky River, OH 

"Be authentic and be genuine." - Katie OakesHair By Katie Oakes, Savannah, GA

"Work hard, be patient and just be yourself. You’ll land where you're meant to." - Morgan AbernathyStudio Chaos, Charlotte, NC

"Before I was trying to make my brand on what I thought people wanted to see - something pretty basic, to tell you the truth. It was only hair photos and no personality. Once I started to show the real me on social, everything changed." - Lindsey CouchArrow Salon, Louisville, KY 

“Authenticity is a feeling.” - Nina Kovner, Founder and Chief Awesomeness Empowerer of Passion Squared

"You are what makes you and your business unique." - Jodi Snowden

The Importance Leaning In: 

"It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it! You need to be out there hustling to get people in your chair and then make sure you create a memorable experience so they keep coming back." - Bianca MargolisB. Rose Studio, Chicago, IL

"The Sola experience; what you put into it is what you get out of it." - Steven Wren

"Inspire! Look at all aspects of your business, not just the artistic side and take advantage of the opportunity." - Kim Bennett, Sola Culture Ambassador and owner of Kim Bennett Studios, Highlands Ranch, CO

Want to see more from behind the scenes of the #FOSExperience? Check out our 2020 FOS Instagram Highlight reel

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