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Why do so many beauty pros choose sola

The COVID-19 virus has swept through the world, putting communities and particularly salons under tremendous pressure. There are new government mandates in the wake of social distancing – a phrase most of us have never heard just a short time ago. There are many different salon models out there, and there is a perfect space for everyone! Now is the time to reevaluate your current situation and determine what salon environment works best for you!

Over 15,000 beauty professionals have discovered the Sola Difference and created a business they can call their own.

So why do so many beauty professionals choose Sola?

Sola professionals commonly express, “I came to Sola to take control of my life and future."  We wanted to go even deeper and ask, out of all of the salon suite models and companies out there, why choose Sola over another salon suite brand? More importantly, how does Sola make a difference in the personal and professional lives of our community?

These words say it all: At Sola, you simply get more.

Since our first location opened in Denver, Colorado in 2004, Sola has changed the game for independent salon owners all over the United States and in Canada and Brazil, too. We have listened, watched, and learned from our community, creating new programs, continually innovating our studio designs, education programs, and technology offerings.

And it all starts with a seamless transition to salon ownership…✨

How Do We Do It?  

💯 A Comprehensive Start-Up Manual: Chock-full of everything you need to know to get your business up and running - from licensing documents, tax information, marketing tips and so much more

👊 Professional Liability Insurance: To ensure you and your business is protected 

📱 SolaGenius: All-in-one salon management software to help you run your business like a boss

🙌 Sola Pro: Exclusive, free app, offering exclusive deals from top brands, hundreds of hours of virtual education from the industry's best educators, and so much more!

💻 Your Own Sola Webpage: Feature a gallery of images, business hours, contact information, online booking link, and a full bio directly on www.solasalons.com to help you grow your business without the hassle of building a full website!

✨ Sola Sessions: Live education events to connect you with top artists and educators and the Sola community

🤓 Virtual Education:  Tons of free webinars hosted by the Sola team and industry thought-leaders that cover topics ranging from marketing to social media to How To Raise Your Prices

📝 Sola Blog: Full of business and marketing tips including success stories shared from the Sola community

💙 A Community of 15,000+ Salon Owners: To learn from and grow with...

But don’t just take it from us!

We asked a few Sola professionals how Sola gives them more — more time and flexibility in their personal lives and more of everything they need and deserve for their professional success.

"Taking the opportunity at Sola, I have grown not only as a stylist because of the provided education, but I have grown as a person. I have been able to create my own culture that attracts a more optimistic atmosphere, and I come home in a better mental state which is better for my family. I’m also there physically for my family because of getting to choose my own schedule - my daughter and I are so close - and it’s a great feeling getting to be involved in her school and extra activities she is in." - Shelbie Donoho, Meraki Salon & Co.

A Smaller Footprint For You and Your Guests

Sola’s model provides the opportunity to be your own boss, create your own brand, and design your own salon without the risk and financial responsibility of building from the ground up. In the aftermath of COVID-19, you also have complete privacy and control to ensure a safer space for you and your guests. At Sola, your advantage includes: 

  • 100% Private Studios
  • One-on-One Services
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Enclosed Space
  • Industry-Leading Sanitation Standards
  • Total Control of Who Enters Your Space
  • Uncrowded Common Areas to Embrace Social Distancing

“Post-quarantine I believe there will be more people that are looking to get into that type of environment where it’s controlled. I can actually promote this as a controlled environment for people who have concerns about their health and safety.”Steven Wren, Steven Brandon Hair Studio

A Studio that Represents You

As kids, we often hear phrases like, “Be you. Everyone else is already taken.” At Sola, not only do you get to proudly display your business name and logo, but you also get to decorate your studio the way YOU want it to look. Create an environment and salon culture that best represents you as a person and an artist, and a space that your guests can call their home away from home, too.

"There are so many details that I love. I feel safe in my studio. I love that I can customize it for mine and my clients' specific needs. I love that I get to choose my schedule, my color, and product lines." - Jodi Snowden, Jodi Snowden & Co.

We Do It For You

The bottom line is that our Sola managers care. We want you to be successful, and we want to make sure you have the tools you need to thrive.

"I have been in Sola for three happy years now. I started my third year off by upgrading my room to a larger space up front with lots of natural light. Heather, my manager, worked with me through the transition to make sure my space was just right. It was all so easy and stress-free!" - Katie Oakes, Hair By Katie Oakes

"My experience at Sola has allowed me to excel in both my business and professional life. The support is amazing, the brand stands firm in its values, and I am treated with much care, concern, and the want for myself and my business to thrive." - Cuyler Engram, Loft 22 Salon

Technology Uniquely Made For Sola, By Sola

A standout difference between Sola and other salon suites or traditional commission-based salons is our exclusive technology created specifically for independent salon owners. Sola has developed two exclusive apps, Sola Pro and SolaGenius (in partnership with GlossGenius).

Sola Pro is free to all Sola professionals and is a one-stop-shop for business and marketing education, artistic inspiration, exclusive deals from the industry, and much more!

SolaGenius is a cutting-edge all-in-one app designed to supercharge Sola professionals’ businesses. SolaGenius provides a full suite of business support tools, including scheduling, online booking, touchless payment processing, client management, marketing tools, email and text message communications, analytics, inventory management, and more! 

"After my salon temporarily closed down due to COVID-19, I requested that [my clients] visit my online booking site with SolaGenius and schedule themselves in. This made it easy by allowing them to do it themselves so we both weren't trying to find a mutually available appointment. My clients find the online booking so easy to use that every single one of them went on and booked their appointment. That was such a relief!" - Ashley White, Ashley White Studio

Choose Your Schedule, Prices & Services

With 24/7 access to your studio, you get to choose what hours work best for you. If your goal is to no longer work weekends, that is fully in your control. Whether you want to work two days a week or all seven, your studio is there for you when you need it.

As we readjust to this new normal, you may need to adjust your hours to take care of kids who are out of school, or maybe you need an extra day in the salon to help get your clients caught up from missed appointments. Set the schedule that works best for you! 

When you work for someone else, they decide what you're worth. At Sola, you get to decide! Charge what you are worth and raise your prices when appropriate.

And at Sola, you get to choose what services to add to your service menu. Whether you never want to do a specific service again, or you want to add a service like facial waxing or nails to your menu, it’s all up to you!

"Sola has given me the opportunity to have my own business. I've rented for years at other salons, but nothing felt like mine until I moved into my own studio. I can decorate my own space the way I like, I can sell the retail that I want, I can offer the amenities that I want, I can run my business the way that I want because it's my business." - Diana Antes, Diana Antes Hair

A Supportive Culture & Community

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself. That’s the Sola difference. When you need help, you are never alone. There are 15,000+ independent salon owners in the Sola community who have built a unique brand, set and achieved business goals and who get to enjoy the freedom to live the life they love. Being part of a community allows productive relationships with other beauty professionals in your Sola location as well as many others around the world, whether in person or virtually on social media.

"Have you ever walked into a place and thought 'Oh I belong here!'? That’s how I felt when I walked into my Sola. I finally found a place where I could be my own boss. But, I still have a Sola family to cheer me on!" - Lindsey Couch, Arrow Salon

Making a change that affects your livelihood can be scary, and Sola understands that it takes trust, patience, and a support system to make the transition successful. The difference between making the leap to become a salon owner on your own and doing it with Sola is that you’re not alone! We've got the resources to help you thrive! Join a company that loves you back 💙👊

Are you ready to take your future into your own hands?

Discover the Sola Difference and start living the salon life you love!

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