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When you can't connect in-person with your clients, it's more important than ever to find new ways to create connection through virtual platforms. We teamed up with SalonCentric educator, celebrity hairdresser, and social media guru, Daniel Mason-Jones, on a Facebook Live to share his tried and true tips for implementing successful and engaging Facebook and Instagram Lives.  Read More

Episode 1: Going Independent + Getting Started In A Salon Studio Episode 2: Creating Connection + The Importance of Education Featuring Kim Bennett, Sola Culture Ambassador and the first-ever Sola professional with host Jennie Wolff  Read More

How is your salon handling the invasion of the coronavirus? Listen in as host, Jennie Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer at Sola Salon Studios, and her guest Kim Bennett, Sola’s Culture Ambassador and the first-ever Sola stylist, discuss how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting Sola Salon Studios’ independent salon owners and the greater beauty industry.   Read More

The Center for Disease Control has made several recommendations that can help prevent spreading the virus. One of the measures that the CDC has implemented is that people maintain at least a 6-foot distance from others. Not only is this 6-foot rule important now, but it will be equally important upon Sola locations re-opening their doors to the public.    Read More

The coronavirus COVID-19 has become the major focus on the news, in conversation, and on the brain. Amid the chaos, it is important to self soothe and protect your energy. During a challenging time, the best thing we can do is to ground ourselves with self-care and positive habits. This list is meant to inspire and not pressure, as we are all coping however we can with the shifting conditions of social distancing, cancellations and business closures. Above all, be good to yourself.   Read More

Salon doors may be closed right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to push pause on client relations. Now more than ever is the time to keep clients top of mind and strengthen brand loyalty. We partnered with one of our favorite industry luminaries and wise soul, Sam Villa, on a Facebook Live last week, where he shared tips and tricks for Sola professionals to nurture client relations – all from the comfort of their homes.  Read More

In changing tides, resilience and proactivity are key. Summit Salon Business Center founder, Michael Cole, teaches an inspiring webinar for Sola salon professionals to help strategize amidst the financial uncertainty of the times.   Read More

Gift cards are a wonderful way to keep in contact with your clients, create a revenue stream while you’re not behind the chair and give your customers something to look forward to. The client experience is quick and easy and funds are delivered to you on the normal transfer schedule.   Read More

While there is no doubt that we are in an uncertain time, salon closures should not get in the way of continually building your business.  In fact, there is a silver lining to the current cloud that we are all under. This situation is setting aside downtime for salon professionals, which presents a unique opportunity to refocus attention on your marketing efforts. While marketing tends to fall by the wayside amongst busy schedules and day-to-day hustle, we can take this step back as a chance to build a stronger foundation for business as a beauty professional.  Read More

Years ago, I was told of a salon interview process where the candidate was required to assist for an entire day with nothing to eat and only drinking coffee. The owner of the salon wanted to test their ability to handle the working conditions that were typical on a busy day, which often meant working non-stop with no breaks to eat. I believed they had the strength, skill and poise that would guarantee happy clients and a six-figure income. I also admired what I perceived as a strong work ethic and resilience; two main ingredients for success, as I was taught by those who came before me. What I didn’t understand at the time was that there was a key element missing from that equation: self-care.  Read More

As a Sola studio owner, it’s important to not only keep your studio disinfected and sanitized, but also to tell your clients that you are taking full precaution to prevent the spread of the virus. You have the advantage of not working in a high volume area, so you are poised to maintain a more isolated and sanitized zone. As long as you are continuing to service clients in your studio, you should let them know what you are doing to keep your space safe, clean and healthy.   Read More

It's no secret that COVID-19, the disease caused by the Coronavirus, is at top of everyone's minds. However, there are so many unknowns and things out of our control with the current situation, so we wanted to help you focus on everything you can do to ensure that you, your business and your clients stay safe and healthy. Here are some tips for operating your salon amidst a global health crisis.  Read More

We learned so much about the 2020 Faces of Sola... but we also learned so much from them. Throughout the experience, we learned about the value of education, the power of the Sola community (and the importance of leaning in!), the significance of believing in yourself and the beauty of being your authentic self. Check out some of our top takeaways from the 2020 Faces of Sola Experience!   Read More

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, nothing is certain except death and taxes, and with April 15 creeping up on us, we asked Ashley Lantz to help navigate the murky waters of filing your taxes as an independent salon owner. Ashley is a SolaGenius Ambassador and owner of TressPassing in Avondale, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix.  Read More

Can you smell it? Spring has sprung and we are so looking forward to the warmer weather and more daylight. Just as nature cleanses from a long winter with rain showers that clear the way for new life to thrive, so must we do some spring cleaning to make way for business to thrive! Spring is the perfect time to clear out old items, products, winter decor, habits and even thought patterns that are inhibiting our personal and professional growth. As world-renowned professional organizer, Marie Kondo, explains that our stuff is our stuff - literally and figuratively.   Read More

SolaGenius is an all-in-one salon management platform that handles all aspects of owning a salon into one easy-to-use app. If you haven't already jumped on the bandwagon, SolaGenius will truly change the way you do business. Not only can it seamlessly integrate the many aspects of being a beauty professional and salon owner, but it will also free up your time to focus on what you do best - your craft!  Read More

On Monday, April 27th, the Sola Sessions is heading to the beautiful pacific northwest! If you’ve never been to the Sessions – or if you have and are unsure what’s in store for you – read on. We’re bringing the magic to Portland, and we can hardly wait for you to experience what the Sessions is all about.  Read More

We know you love your studio, and during this season of love, we want to make sure your clients are falling in love with more than your amazing services. We want to make sure they're in love with your studio too! A great way to keep your clients comfortable, happy and coming back for more is to give them that highly coveted spa-like experience. The day-to-day grind leaves most of us feeling worn out and stressed, so coming in for a treatment should feel like a getaway, rather than just another errand on their to-do list.  Read More

While Valentine's Day is intended to celebrate love and romance, it's often that it can leave many who don't find themselves in a relationship to feel isolated while the rest of the world drowns in heart-shaped chocolates and oversized teddy bears. But at Sola, we prefer to use this time of the year to celebrate all kinds of love of, from romance to universal love; like the kind you feel for your clients! So we put together some great ways to make your studio feel festive for Valentine’s day and to show your clients the LOVE!  Read More

One year and 4,500+ bookings later, BookNow has changed the game for Sola professionals. Last January, we launched our brand new online search and booking engine for clients to be able to search, discover and book appointments right on solasalons.com any time, anywhere.   Read More

2020 started with a bang! For the past 20 days, we've celebrated the new decade with our #Sola2020 Challenge, and boy did we have fun seeing our #SolaFam celebrate with us! From studio shots to selfies to reasons why you love being your own boss, we've loved hearing from every single one of you from sharing your goals to learning about your studio name, to hearing why you love being your own #SolaBoss, and so much more.  Read More

Over the past 15 years, Sola Salon Studios has led the path and solidified our place as the largest and fastest-growing salon studios concept. At Sola, we’re driven by our desire to use real estate to help aspiring business owners achieve their dreams, and we’re fortunate to have a growing group of franchisees who feel the same way.  Read More

When we set out to launch the Faces of Sola program back in 2015, we had a vision to bring together independent salon owners from across the country to share their personal stories and wisdom as beauty professionals, entrepreneurs, go-getters, givers, working parents, philanthropists, artists, educators, and people on a mission to change the world. From the minute we started to get to know the Faces of Sola, we realized we had so many different perspectives and representatives of what it means to live an inspired life as a salon owner at Sola.  Read More

The start of the new year marks a new beginning and an opportunity to change or start new habits. Whether you're a new Sola professional or you've been around the block a few times, take advantage of this fresh beginning by stepping up your salon game. At Sola, we have your back with educational resources, cutting-edge technology and ongoing business and marketing support. So get ready to kick off the new year by taking full advantage of all the Sola tools available at your fingertips. Here are just a few ways for you to get more out of Sola in 2020...  Read More

When a new year rolls around, people tend to use the excitement and momentum to inspire change for the purpose of growth in one or more areas of our lives. Whether it’s a short-lived resolution or a complete lifestyle change, a new year is an ideal time to evaluate where you currently are and where you want to be.  Read More

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