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By signing your lease for your brand new Sola studio, you have just made an exciting and positive change for your life and career. Since becoming your own boss and opening up your own salon comes with new challenges and responsibilities, it’s not unexpected to take a break from being on cloud nine and ask, “Where do I even begin?” Here’s a quick-list of tasks and items you should spend the next few weeks focusing on.  Read More

We are thrilled to bring Houston-based hairstylist and one of our 2020 Faces of Sola, Cuyler Engram (@cuylerdidit), on the Sola Stories Podcast. Before owning his Sola salon, Cuyler honed his craft as a makeup artist for Mac Cosmetics. Listen, as Cuyler shares his journey into the beauty industry and how he’s overcome criticism and racism to harness his confidence in his craft and creativity. Tune in to get Cuyler’s number one tip for growing an Instagram following as well as a happy, fulfilling life.   Read More

Your salon should feel like a safe haven, for you and your guests. If you're finding yourself energetically drained at the end of each day and dreading to come to work in the mornings, you may be suffering from Covid Conversation Overload, which can affect your overall mental health and salon life satisfaction. We've put together some tips to help you navigate the tumultuous waters of our current COVID climate.  Read More

We are honored to bring John Mosley, aka Mr. Popular Nobody, on the Sola Stories Podcast! John is one of the most in-demand educators in the industry, who’s grown a massive following on social media (@popularnobody) and a clientele that includes celebrities like Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. John is not just an educator on stage but in every aspect of his life. Tune in to be inspired by John’s aspirational accomplishments. His success as an entrepreneur is sure to spark a fire in you to strive for more in your own business.   Read More

Love it or hate it, marketing is crucial for your business. Over the years, marketing has increasingly become an online game and made social media the most accessible marketing tool as a small business owner. No matter which platforms you are using, social media marketing is an ongoing conversation - an opportunity to tell your story and help potential customers get to know you, while also engaging with your current and future customers to get them excited for their salon experience even before sitting in your chair.  Read More

Like most things this year, the start of the school year has been looking a lot different for most families. Whether your child is required to go back to school fully in-person, a mix of virtual and in-person learning, or 100 percent remote learning, we know parents are struggling to navigate this new norm, specifically regarding how it affects their life as a salon owner.  In an effort to support you finding your groove as a working parent, we hosted a panel discussion with some of our parent Faces of Sola who, too, are balancing back-to-school with life in the salon. This panel was so valuable and chock-full of so much incredible advice, resources and overall support, we wanted to share this special discussion with you on the Sola Stories podcast, too.   Read More

Like most things this year, the start of the school year is shaping up to look quite different for many parents. Based on your child's school county, they may be required to go back fully in-person, some are doing a hybrid mix of virtual and in-person learning, while others are mandated to do 100 percent remote learning. We have heard the buzz around our Sola community that parents are struggling to navigate this new norm, specifically regarding how it affects their life as a salon owner. But the silver lining, like most curveballs you have been thrown this year, is that you are not in this alone. In an effort to support you in finding your groove as a working parent, we hosted a panel discussion with some of our parent Faces of Sola who, too, are balancing back-to-school with life in the salon.  Read More

On this episode of the Sola Stories Podcast, Jennie chats with the first beauty professional in Canada to take the leap of faith and join the Sola family. Roxanne has always been a go-getter, starting her career with an apprenticeship at age 15. Tune in to hear this feisty firecracker’s journey behind the chair and what's currently happening in Canada and her studio.  Read More

In April, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted a webinar with Nina Kovner, industry thought-leader and founder of Passion Squared. She brought us a candid discussion around mental health and discussed ways to find a new rhythm, tap into creativity, take an honest inventory of your feelings without judgment, and how to move forward with hope. Check out these 8 important things we learned about mental health from Nina.  Read More

To support you through this time, we wanted to bring a mental health professional onto the podcast to help you sort through the fear, anxiety and overwhelming emotion you may be feeling, and help you take care of yourself, in addition to all the clients you serve behind the chair. Dr. Allan Ribbler is a neurobehavioral psychologist and chatted with Kim Bennett, Sola’s Culture Ambassador, about the emotional burden of COVID-19, as well as tools and strategies you can use to create boundaries for yourself both in and out of the salon.    Read More

It’s no secret that this year has been challenging for everyone - and the beauty industry has been hit particularly hard. Throughout hardships and uncertainties, wouldn’t you feel relieved knowing you had a community that had your back? At Sola, we don't just tell you, "We've got your back." Let us show you all the ways we've got you, no matter what curveballs life throws your way.    Read More

People in and out of the salon, multiple chairs in close proximities, and crowded waiting areas can make going back to the traditional salon feel unsafe and uncomfortable. The reality is, your clients likely still want their hair, nails, and other beauty services done. At the same time, they want to feel safe and protected while in the salon. Wouldn't it be cool if those appointments were one-on-one in a private room? That’s where Sola comes in!   Read More

Throughout the years, I’ve been so inspired by the amazing moms, dads, grandparents and pet parents within our Sola community. You all have shown me what being a working parent is all about. Recently, I posted to my Instagram asking for tips for a new parent and I got so many goodies to take into this new chapter with me.  Read More

On this Sola Stories episode, we talk with Jodi Snowden, who's had to close her salon not once, but twice, due to COVID-19. We brought Jodi on the podcast to chat with us about how the current closures in California.  Read More

As back-to-school time approaches, we know that much of our Sola community is struggling to readjust to yet another new norm. Balancing life as a salon owner and a full-time parent is hard enough. Add homeschooling into the mix and it's enough to make anyone want to hit the snooze button for the rest of 2020. But remember, you are never on your journey alone. Your Sola community is behind you to support you through this next hurdle.  Read More

On this episode of Sola Stories, Jennie is joined by 2017 Faces of Sola Kenya Kirk from Austin, TX, who truly stole our hearts because of the way she selflessly and regularly gives back. As a foster parent, she started a program called Mommy and Me, which has evolved into an organization called The Texture Lab, to teach parents and foster parents how to work with their child’s textured hair. Kenya also started a nonprofit called Dreams for Diamonds that makes wigs for kids with cancer. When she is not running these two wonderful organizations, she shares her passion for knowledge as a traveling educator for Keratin Complex.  Read More

If your child’s school has switched to remote learning, you’ll likely have to overcome some new hurdles while you learn to juggle work and homeschooling. We understand that navigating the world of distance learning can be a daunting experience, so we’ve put together a list of tips that might help!  Read More

Self-care is important all the time, but especially right now. As care givers and service providers, you spend so much of your day making others feel great that it's important to remember to take time out of your day to nourish and care for yourself, too. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup!  Read More

On this episode of Sola Stories, Jennie is joined by Sola Culture Ambassador, Kim Bennett. After being closed nearly 9 weeks, Kim knew she was not going to let this virus take down her business. Tune in to hear how Kim adapted her salon and procedures to keep her guests safe and how this pandemic has created opportunities to reinvent herself as a business owner once again.   Read More

Aside from routine cleaning, mask-wearing, and all the other precautionary measures you are taking to keeping your salon as clean as possible and to avoid Coronavirus, what are you doing to keep yourself as healthy as possible? It’s important, especially during this time, that you are making yourself a priority. Stress is high and things are unpredictable, but its important to focus your energy on what you can control - like keeping yourself healthy! Not only is it crucial in efforts to stop the spread of COVID, but also to help you stay strong in mind, body, and spirit – all of which affect your salon business. Here are 5 tips to keep you healthy (and energized) in the salon!   Read More

Sade Williams is a celebrity stylist, owner Sade Milinda Studios in Manhattan, New York, and one of our 2017 Faces of Sola. Before coming to Sola, Sade worked at one of the most prestigious salons in New York City. She moved to Sola because she was ready to create an intimate salon home for her guests, many of whom are high profile models and celebrities. She has even created an assistant apprenticeship program where she trains mentees on how to do high-end salon and editorial work in their own salons someday.    Read More

Are you utilizing Instagram to build your brand? Instagram is a hot spot for beauty professionals because it’s such a visual platform that lends itself to showcasing your talent with the snap of a photo.  But it’s more than just a picture - it’s about knowing your audience, telling your story, and building a brand that represents you and your amazing services!  Read More

Michael Cole is a business coach, industry thought-leader, co-founder of Summit Salon Business Center, and a loyal Sola supporter. Upon the first salon closures, Michael generously hosted a Facebook Live for our community on preparing for financial uncertainty. Over the years, Michael has coached several Sola owners, been a speaker at several Sola Sessions, and hosted many virtual education events for our community.  Tune in to this episode of Sola Stories to hear how to take advantage of this unprecedented crisis and create unprecedented opportunities.   Read More

Despite your best efforts to keep yourself and those around you safe, you might face a situation where you test positive for COVID-19. Please know that this is not your fault; we are in a global pandemic. Coronavirus can spread very quickly even when implementing the utmost sanitation and safety precautions. If a positive COVID-19 diagnosis does arise, the most important step to protect our communities is to communicate with your guests or anyone else you have been in contact with as soon as possible.  Read More

The news about California salons shutting down came quickly and surprised us all. The abruptness of their closures may have you wondering, will this happen to me? Is my state and my salon next? Check out some of the resources we've compiled below to jumpstart your confidence right now.  Read More

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