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To her clients, industry veteran Michelle Jacobs is known as The Hairgenie. “My husband came up with that,” Michelle says, explaining, “He says I perform magic on hair.” Michelle’s story – her journey to Sola – is atypical, to say the least. That’s because she opened a studio through Sola Salons after she’d run a successful brick-and-mortar salon for over two decades!  Read More

If the summer sun’s strong enough to tan your skin, then it's strong enough to damage your clients’ beautiful tresses, too. There are so many ways to increase the life span of the beautiful summer creations waltzing out of your studio door! We asked two esteemed Sola stylists to weigh in on the best bets for keeping locks healthy from Fourth of July fireworks all the way through Labor Day pool parties.  Read More

Maybe your salon has been impacted by our capricious economy — or maybe you’re simply looking to boost your bottom line. Whatever your motive, we’ve got you covered with 5 effective strategies for raising revenue. By unearthing new ways to service and attract clients, you can increase everything from your average transaction size to your salon’s foot traffic.  Read More

When part-time stylist Deborah Wright Peters’ stepson, Jake, was diagnosed with a severe and debilitating illness, her Sola community stepped in, raising some serious cash for Jake’s long-term care and treatment.  Read More

“I specialize in a lot of things — almost to the point of not being able to say I specialize,” says thirty-year industry veteran Shanna Moll. Shanna began her career doing cuts and color, and moved into extensions twenty years ago. “I’m triple certified in extensions and in color, and I’m a big believer in education and certification,” Shanna says.  Read More

You’ve built a solid business at Sola Salons. Now what? If you’re looking to grow your brand and you live in a city with multiple Sola locations, then you might consider investing in a second suite. Here’s a look at how stylist and entrepreneur Evelia Rios increased her clientele and overall revenue via multi-unit ownership.  Read More

Promotions are a fantastic way to bring new and repeat business into your salon. They give your clients an extra special reason to book an appointment, and they entice potential clients to give your salon a try. There are so many opportunities to create excitement around holidays, themes and important times in people’s lives; promos invite your guests to connect with your salon throughout sentimental times of the year.  Read More

Every one of us wants to succeed in our careers. Some people want to make an endless amount of money while others like the fame it brings them. Thirty years in the beauty business has taught me many lessons, and some of them were not so fun to learn. While others have made me into the hairstylist/owner I am today, I ask you to ask yourselves this question before you go any further reading this article: Do you have what it takes to be great at your job?  Read More

Congratulations! You're a salon suite owner. So, how do you take full advantage of the opportunity you have and create the income and freedom you really want in your salon business?  Read More

We asked the Sola community to share their number one studio jam, and they delivered so much more than just one song! These days, so many people are tuning into music streaming services, like Pandora, that invite you to discover new music and enjoy old favorites. Pandora has one mission, to only play music you’ll love! So let us invite you to fall in love with a new artist, genre or song with these 25 Pandora Stations to Tune Into:  Read More

“I knew Sola was right for me because all of the amenities,” adds Sade. Finally she could decorate to her liking, name the salon what she pleased and choose whether to hire an employee or fly solo. Sade opened the Sade Milinda Studio last June, and that transition was straightforward. “Because I had formal training and had already had a chance to implement what I’d learned while renting a chair, moving to Sola wasn’t scary at all,” Sade says.  Read More

On Monday, April 25, 2016, 200 salon professionals from nearly 10 states gathered at the Radisson Blu Mall of America in Minneapolis for the second-ever Sola Sessions event. With a focus on inspiration, marketing and business in the morning, and artistic learning in the afternoon, the event featured educators from various aspects of the professional beauty industry. The Sola team feels incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to welcome so many rock stars to the Sola stage, including several stylists who had a chance to stand in the spotlight as well!  Read More

Marketing is an ever-changing industry, and businesses always are trying to keep up with the latest trends. For small business owners, like salon owners, this can be especially difficult. They often are faced with handling everyday tasks while trying to find the time and the budget to create a practical and cost-effective marketing plan. Fortunately, business owners can utilize some of the technology they already use.  Read More

Changing seasons provide built-in times of year to ramp up your marketing efforts! The trick is using fresh ideas to keep your guests connected and coming back year-round. Try one (or all!) of these five sizzling warm weather sales ideas, and you’ll be well on your way to having your best season yet.  Read More

Social media is strategically significant to growing your business and keeping existing clients. Stylists and salon owners all over the country have been finding fantastic success by using social media to gather new clients and referrals, but one thing is for certain; just because you have an Instagram or Facebook presence doesn’t mean you’ll see results automatically!  Read More

Daniel Dela Cerda Gets Real About His Transition to Sola Salons. “This venture has been a longtime dream of mine, and I couldn't be happier to have Sola as my new home,” says Daniel Dela Cerda, owner of the Daniel Brian Salon at Sola Salons West Lakeview.  Read More

Mother’s Day is right around the corner – Sunday, May 8, 2016! With just about a month left to prepare, now is the perfect time to put together some Mother’s Day packages and promotions for your salon. Read our blog post from last year or check out our list at the end of this post for some great promotion ideas. Once you know which promotion (or promotions) you’d like to use, it’s time to get the word out! Writing your own ads can feel overwhelming, so we wanted to share examples of what to say on a few different marketing channels.  Read More

Ahhh…. Spring is here! Now is the perfect time to shake off the winter blahs and do some spring cleaning and declutter your salon. From time to time, getting rid of things that no longer help you achieve your goals or the things you want in life is necessary. Decluttering increases your ability to focus, reduces overwhelm, and help produce better results in your business. Here are 5 areas to declutter for greater success in your salon.  Read More

Prom is big business. According to Fortune Magazine, the average American family spends $919 on prom-related expenses…including salon visits! Prom can be a great way to not only bump up your seasonal business, but also gain new regular clients. Here are some ideas that may help you increase your salon’s prom biz.  Read More

Entrepreneur Nicole Digilio – owner of the Gypsy Hair Lounge at Sola Salons Port Jefferson Station – keeps a sign on her door. “Good Vibes Only,” it says — and, that mantra pretty much sums up the stylist’s new business mentality.  Read More

Casey Brookshire – owner of MOD Hair Salon – just celebrated her two-year anniversary with Sola — and, she did it in style, revamping her entire suite to reflect her salon’s mod values.  Read More

When Veronica De Leon joined a Los Angeles-based motivational group called Amigas 4 My Soul, she had no idea that she’d soon be the one uplifting other women. But, that’s exactly what happened when Veronica connected with a like-minded woman last summer, and learned about a nearby women’s shelter catering to victims of domestic violence.  Read More

In my last post, Let’s Grow Grow Grow in 2016, I asked some really great questions important to your salon’s success in 2016. Hopefully you’ve taken some time to consider what your BIG WHY is and what you want your business to look like by year’s end. Here are 4 simple routines you can adapt to really supercharge your business goals and help you get the biggest return on your investment of time, talent and money.  Read More

Sharon still specializes in women’s cuts, and she does custom color, too, keeping up on all of the latest trends from her new studio. There’s a lot that Sharon doesn’t do: perms, extensions and men’s hair, for example. “It’s smart to focus on a niche set of services,” says Sharon, adding, “It’s even hard to be really good at cut and color only. And, I’d rather be really, really good at two things than mediocre at ten.”  Read More

The launch of the Sola Sessions in Denver, Colorado, made history by providing education, inspiration and community for Sola stylists and entrepreneurs across the nation. Sola hairdressers, estheticians and nail techs from more than a dozen states joined at the Curtis Hotel to learn from some of the best educators in the industry. The event was the first of many planned by Sola Salon Studios.  Read More

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