Abbie Calabio

Luxe Looks Derm Aesthetics


Abbie is awesome! She’s highly trained and has an eye for injecting. She provides ample time to ask questions and discuss your needs. She puts safety first but always delivers amazing results. I would recommend her to anyone!!

Michelle S

Abbie, My skin looks so good! I’m loving the results from the liquid gold facial. I’m anxious to see how the growth factors continue to provide additional benefit with time. My eyelids are lifted and the skin beneath my eyes and around my mouth is less lined. My makeup looks good again! Thank you! Gina

Gina S

Abbie is extremely dedicated to her profession. She builds strong bonds with her patients to create a trusting environment. She offers excellent 2 way communication and expertise in detecting each individuals area of concern. Abbie has exceptional injecting skills that allow her to focus on the specific rejuvenation needs in each particular area. Abbie has in depth knowledge of the cosmetic skin treatment industry and has proven to be entrepreneurial as she continues to broaden the skin care specialization spectrum. In addition, Abbie cultivates a clientele of repeat customers for many reasons; aside from her expertise and personable demeanor she also offers many incentive promotions that allow her clients to afford to try new beauty treatments.

Lynn J