Aimee Wilkins

Muse Salon

About Aimee Wilkins
I have been a hairstylist for 13 years. I started an apprenticeship at Brown and Deline in 2002. My sister, Shannon Ricketts, was a hairstylist there. My apprenticeship took 2 years to complete. I have had some of the best training and education classes both in salon and out throughout the years. I have taken color classes with Beth Manardi and the Kemon International Artistic team. I have had TIGI cutting classes and have traveled to Chicago and New Orleans for the Salon 200 awards where my essay won. I have had numerous product knowledge classes over the years and have worked with a business coach. Brown and Deline was a wonderful salon for my sister and I. But as time goes on...
I am married now with 3 children. Muse salon is just the next chapter in my life. My sister, Shannon and I have always worked together so why not open our own salon. We did. Love it and looking forward to years to come. My clients are loving and loyal and I could not have done this without them. Thank you. I have always enjoyed every aspect of doing hair from cutting to color. But my favorite might be my blow dry. Ask around...