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South Beach Scalp Pigmentation Center

About Alex Coffiel
Scalp Micropigmentation Artist in South Beach Alex Coffiel was trained by Veteran SMP Artist Leah Matsch, where he completed a meticulous 200 hour certification and testing process, including specialized training in appropriate hairline placement and hairline pigmentation techniques. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Alex was influenced by art while working for pop Artists Kieth Haring in the 80’s, he started his scalp interest as a barber from 1981-1997. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, Alex was a Harley Davidson custom motorcycle fabricator at American Dream Machine in NYC. A loving father of 5, owner/operator of one of Miami’s busiest security agencies, Alex’s passion for SMP superseded all his interest and is fully engaged with providing the best work by way of micropigmentation. Having had the procedure himself a few years ago, he understands the concerns of someone contemplating getting the procedure and this is what he has to say... “When looking for an SMP artist look at their photos and pay special attention to the size of the healed impressions, they should be uniformly very tiny, with minimal dermal staining. The smaller the healed impressions, the more natural and realistic the result will be”.
United States

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