Ali Babai

Artimes Hair Studio

About Ali Babai
Ali started his career in fashion and beauty in Dubai as a male model. As a result of his modeling experience, Ali works with some of the top hair hair stylists in Europe and Asia. While he became conscious of health, including what he ate and put on his skin, Ali's true fascination became doing hair. He completed cosmetology school at Schwarzkopf in 1993 and began both working in private salons and also teaching at Schwarzkopf for the next three years, Ali split his time working in a high end salon in Dubai and running his own salon Tehran. He was then recruited by the prestige salon to work in their salons in Van and Istanbul Turkey. He worked for prestige for five years, doing hair shows, taking cutting and coloring classes and teaching until 2005 when Ali came to the U.S. He received his California license in 2007 and has been working as a master stylist in high end salons.