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About Jazmin Stratton
Hi I’m Jaz! I moved over to Sola 6 years ago, but have been behind the chair for nearly 11 years now! I graduated cosmetology school with a license in hair design and then later completed a license in skin care. After schooling I learned that my true passion is apparent through a more artistic trade, so my time in the salon is spent doing hair! One of my favorite things is Baylayage, Blonding and Styling. I also enjoy creating that perfect cut to frame your face just right. I work hard to keep up on continuing education and am a part time educator for Keune haircosmetics ... have you heard of them? They are salon exclusive and the color line I use to formulate and customize every color and style. I enjoy having a conversation about WHAT it is I'm applying to your hair and WHY . Keeping you informed is important to me and Sola has set up the perfect environment to come in, sit down and have a private discussion involving your expectations. It was important to me to find a studio that had doors in a laid back space! I am the sole owner of All That Jaz as an independent stylist, which means I do it ALL!! So pre-booking your appointment is key in assuring the time needed to create what you're looking for. Inside Sola Salons you'l find me in Studio #19 Hey thanks for your interest in All That Jaz!! If you'd like to see more photos check out my Instagram @allthatjazzyhairstylist My Fb: All That Jaz My Services in Hair Design/Styling: * Women's haircut * Men's haircut * Children's haircut * All over Color * Blowout( style with a roundbrush) * Baylayage (freehand color technique) * Full color weave * Partial color weave * Root touchup * Vivid shade (using Pulp Riot) * Color correction * Smoothing treatment * Bond Fusion (conditioning/ repair treatment ) * Red Infinity (vibrant red) * Bridal Hair * Seasonal color change (from light to dark) * Seasonal color change (from dark to light)

Jaz always took the time out of her schedule to make an appointment to pamper me while I was pregnant in the Missouri heat! She's cut, color, permed and deep conditioned my hair multiple times! I would recommend her to anyone! She truly is very gifted and talented at her trade, puts her heart and soul into her work, and is a pleasure to be around!

Courtney H.

Well in the chair with Jaz, it's like a nice time with a friend. I always feel warm and welcome when I first get to my appointments. She is great at what she does. She got me hooked because of all she knew about hair science. I felt like she wasn't only good at what she did, but knew a lot about it and wanted to teach me that. It is what made me put my faith in her. Only person I trust near my hair. I love this lady and her work.


Jaz is amazing when it comes to hair! She has been doing my hair for years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. She has been ridiculously patient with me as I send her pictures of different colors and hairstyles and she is very knowledgeable about what would work for me! She cuts my 7 year old daughter's hair and my boyfriend's hair as well, I trust her 100% to produce great styles on my entire family!


Jaz Stratton is by far the best! She is so personal and will help you with anything and everything. Want a good laugh or your day just isn't quite as it should be? She'll make you feel gorgeous to where your day is 100 times better! You have a question she has the answer. She will tell you what will look good but still mix in what you want to see! By far AMAZING!!


Jaz is a phenomenal hair dresser and friend. I worked with her for a little over a year as a receptionist and my (personal and business speaking) hair dresser. Whether you're the type to sit there and relax or tell your whole life story because your kids never let you catch a breath and husband doesn't understand, Jaz will listen. She doesn't just sit there and nod she actually converses with you, shares her experiences, gives advice and makes sitting in a chair for however long enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable. Aside from that, she does miraculous things with hair. She has such a great eye for what color goes good with your skin tone or what cut will help frame your face. She listens to you and no matter what will do what you want but she will also always have what's best for you in mind and give you more options than you could ever think of. She is professional, REAL, and caring as a person, friend, and hair dresser upper. You'll find yourself a life long hair dresser right here.


I lost my long time hair gal a few years ago and crossed my fingers that I could find a new hair stylist. I walked in to someplace new and found Jaz. She was so personable, kind, and most of all, she listened. I have been with her ever since. She has become one of my best friends and my life is more blessed because she is in it.


I had a random appointment to get my hair colored years ago and was lucky to meet Jazmin that day. Ever since nobody else has colored my hair because she is the best! Before her I never had a hair stylist that I connected with and is so talented. She actually made bangs look good on me, and I have curly hair. She listens to what I want and it always looks amazing. I always look forward to my appointments. We became good friends and I am so excited she has her own salon now.


Even though I live in El Paso, TX now, I still get my hair done every single time I come home, which is about every 3-4 months or so. Jazmin is not only sweet and professional but she is extremely talented! She cuts my hair to the exact length and style that I always describe and my layers are always spot on. I do not let anyone else cut my hair but her!

Ashley B.