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Allison Ross

Allison's Hair Company LLC

About Allison Ross
My name is Allison Ross, I am the owner of Allison's Hair Company. I've been in the salon industry since 1996. As a professional hairstylist I am committed to ongoing education and training. I continually enhance my talents and skills, and will always provide my clients with the best products and services available. I love helping people look and feel their best. I suggest ways to blend current trends into a style that works for you. The hair products I have on hand are wonderful for clients who are sensitive to sulfates and wheat protein and artificial fragrance ingredients. During your consultation I look over your scalp. I also use a special magnify light to check for any suspicious moles. Your health is also a concern of mine as well. #eyesoncancer The hair products, called #Neuma, #CreateIt #Unite and #Verb #Wow #StyleEdit #Malibu #OLAPLEX products are designed just for you. For years Ive had problems with my hands. Ive always had to use special gloves to protect my hands from sulfates, wheat protein and artificial Fragrance ingredients. Since staying away from these ingredients it makes a world of difference on my hands. I also use a product called #Antidot , it helps people who're very sensitive to hair color so they don't have a reaction. The Hair-color I use is free from artificial fragrances* silicones* paraffin/ mineral oils* parabens* ammonia* odor* alcohol* artificial colourants. It is great for people who are sensitive to hair color and it has 100% coverage for people who have white hair. *#Hair Extensions I'm certified #Perfectress #HairLocs #Hotheads #Babe **make a free 15 minute consultation appointment with me. You can go to my website to schedule an appointment 24/7. You can also email me or call my cell number. * * Visa and MasterCard accepted
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