Alyzza Villarreal

Beau Sucré

About Alyzza Villarreal

I have been sugaring for 3 years. I am certified by 3 different Sugaring Companies. I am a dual licensed cosmetologist and esthetician. I am providing high quality Sugaring and Waxing services. Specializing in Brazilian Sugaring and eye brow waxing. I, also do hair and makeup for special events. I have been doing hair and makeup for 6 years and have done San Diego Fashion Week twice now.


“My first time getting my hoo haa sugared, I honestly was scared getting it done. But after getting it done by Alyzza, my outlook of it did a 360. I’m one of the many women who suffer from ingrown hairs when I shave, no matter how I shaved I would get them. After getting sugared, (it did hurt a little, I’m not going to sugar coat it), my skin felt so soft, and guess what? No ingrowns at all. She will be the only person I let my hoo haa get sugared, because she has amazing customer skills, I would freak out and get nervous, and she would calm me down, and walk me through it. So, I highly recommend this place.”

-Jessica C.

United States

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