Ana Salinas


About Ana Salinas

While there are many trends that die out quickly, some stand the test of time.

Eyelash extensions are far from a short term fad, delivering mind blowing eye transformations, lashes completely change your appearance, eliminating the need for mascara or many other makeup products.

Looking great is the best way to pump up your confidence. It's ok to feel more with eyelash extensions as long as you don't feel less without.

My name is Ana and I am the founder and CEO of Forever Lashes, professional lash extensions studios located in Austin TX.

As a working professional I understand that your time is valuable and I know how important it is to look  polished at all times.  

Whether video conferencing or running errands,

with eyelash extensions you'll feel confident in how you look, even without full make up.

My priority is to accentuate your natural beauty with gorgeous eyelash extensions, so when you leave my studios,  you will not only look great,

but you will feel comfortable about your overall quality experience, ensuring the absolute best lash services and products.

Invest in yourself to look and feel your best.

You may chose from subtle classic to mega volume or anything in between!