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About Angel Dizon

My name is Angel & I own Cosy Aesthetic Studio. I specialize in Classic and Volume Lash Extensions. Prior to your appointment and to save time, please arrive to your appointment with clean lashes. There is an option to clean your lashes at the studio if you are not able to beforehand. Aftercare instructions for lash extensions: Wash your lashes every day (AM & PM). Avoid sleeping on either sides of your face. Avoid picking, pulling, and rubbing your eyelashes. Avoid over-brushing your lashes. Avoid (or at least try to) wearing eye makeup. if you really have to, please wash your eyes & lashes THOROUGHLY. With heavier eye makeup, start off by using a makeup remover (Micellar Water - Garnier/Bioderma) & follow up with a foaming cleanser. Build up of makeup, oil, crusties, and dirt residue that were not washed out will definitely result in premature shedding. If you are on vacation, know that weather conditions can alter the retention. Humidity and extreme dry environments can also lead to premature shedding. If you’re in the pool, please make sure to dry your lashes as soon as you get out and brush through them. Cleanse your lashes with a foaming cleanser as soon as you can. You must have at least 40-50% of your lashes intact for a refill. IF YOU CAN COUNT HOW MANY YOU HAVE LEFT, IT WILL BE A FULL SET. I do not offer any refills for outside work. Please book a removal and a full set. Thank you!