Anita Hodges

To Dye For Studio

About Anita Hodges

I’m definitely a free spirit. I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum not like other girls I’m moved by Mother Earth and the waves of the ocean. I Veiw life in full on living color and I’m completely effected by it. A complete Hippie chick and no not in the dirty hippie kind of way but in the organic vegan non chemical no harm to any living thing kind of way. I’ve been a color specialist for over 20 years and I love being able to bring the inner beauty I see in a woman to the outside so she can see what I see! I’ve been mistaken for a therapist to many times to count I always joke and say well I’m a hairapist you get therapy if that’s what you need but you also leave not only feeling better but looking beautiful. I’ve always believed that you should be able to have your appointment time be yours and yours alone I don’t double book clients unless it’s at their own request to come with family or friends. That’s why sola salon is such a perfect fit for me. Private and one on one with my clients being able to have my complete attention without any interruptions or distractions. To make this world a more beautiful place one lovely person at a time. This is my little happy wonderfully beautiful little bubble I get to work and create in won’t you please come join me?