Anitra V "Nisey"

The Nisey Experience

About Anitra V "Nisey"

Happy Nisey Sprinkles to You!!! Yes, that's what you get when you enter into The Nisey Experience, lots of Good Vibes for your Soul topped with a Beautiful Look to carry with you as you conquer the world with your Greatness!!!

Who am I? Well let's go back in time for a moment. I was born in the fun and exciting City of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the Sunshine State!!( You will feel that from your first visit with me, it's in my blood for sure🙌🏾) My mother was a Cosmetologist(as well as my grandmother and my sister) and a go get'er and she definitely passed that on to me. I followed her to Cosmetology School and soaked up as much as I could because it was very exciting to me, even at such a young age of 11yrs old! That was the spark that developed into a Life long passion. Throughout my years of Fundamental Schooling, I was know for my skills with hair, not just the styling, but the care of it. I believe that when you look your Best, it adds to your Personal Performance soaring!

After a year of Technical College, studying Computer Programming (because that's what the future is and what everyone encouraged), I realized it was NOT my true path... So after getting married and moving to Atlanta, Georgia I searched for a salon to work in that offered an Apprentice Program... The fire was lit again and I soared! After passing State Board I continued in the salon for another 4 years... During that time, my Boss put me in every class he could think of because he saw a Greatness in me that I didn't see. I attended the Redken Academy in NY and became a Master colorist thru their program, and was also given the privilege of Salon Educator at Golden Scissors (no longer open), teaching various Cuts and Styles, as well as managing the assistants to the Stylist. My Experience in the salon gave me Multicultural Skills and Talents that was very rare at the time, but was instrumental in paving the way to me becoming their first Multicultural Stylist! Super exciting for me!!! Next I became a Mom to an Amazing son and so I worked from home for 2yrs and enjoyed motherhood and all that comes with it.... Though happy, I really missed the salon so the search began for an avenue to reinsert myself back into the industry and that's where SOLA came on the scene! I discussed with a former coworker about her experience with the Sola Suite Life and she couldn't stop taking about it, So with a huge leap of Faith, I decided that was the new journey and what a journey it has been! Gaining Independence with a side helping of Good Sola Family support, was the perfect combination. Since joining, I've achieved a Life long goal of becoming a Nationally Certified Colorist thru the American Board of Certified Haircolorist Organization. How big was that? It's like getting your Master's Degree with a Lil PhD on the side! Under this particular certification, I am the first African American Female to have this certification in Atlanta. Yup, you read that correctly! Made second highest score in the group and our testing class was the first class to pass the Certification on the First attempt! Yup, we made ABCH history!!! Woohoo!!! This is the knowledge, love and experience you will receive when you enter my salon: The Nisey Experience - Where Beauty, Life and Science are One.

As my career blossoms forward, my plan is to pass the knowledge on... Encouraging and Educating others to be the Best they desire to be! So what are you waiting for??? Come on in and get Sprinkled!!!!


Promt, Pleasant Personality and environment, Professional and a Precious creation to the Business of Beauty. All these words and more describe The Nisey Experience

Barbara and

A Salon where the main goal is Hair Care, not just Style, which you get that as well but with a Beautiful Smile. Did I mention she can cut and color like No Other?!

Renee Walton

Always Smiling and very Professional! This lady knows her profession and stays on top of Industry Training along with Quality Products! I won't go Anywhere Else!!!

Antoinette Davis

Nisey is the sweetest and most attentive Hairstylist EVER!!! I always feel better after sitting in her chair... She does a Phenomenal job on my hair and really cares about my overall well-being. I am so Blessed to have her in my life (more than just a Stylist) ♥️♥️♥️


Nisey is SUPER knowledgeable about hair which makes during in her chair a pleasure.. She always sits and talks with me about what I want to do and takes the time to know her clients well enough to know what they do and don't do with their hair. Nisey encourages experimentation and I've gone from 16+ inches of hair to a fresh fade! Never in my life have I left with a bad cut out color! Nisey is an Amazing stylist and if you have the pleasure of visiting her, you will not regret it! Trust me, I've been her client for 12+yrs!!

Elizabeth Gantt

The Nisey Experience was great because Nisey is kind, Caring and COMPETENT! I always get compliments on my color, style and overall healthiness of my hair!

Barbara Prince

The Nisey Experience has been my true hair'topia for over 10yrs! My hair has been tediously cared for and managed...Nisey transitioned me from harsh chemicals, parabens and sulfates that were extremely damaging and drying to my hair cuticle. Nisey thoroughly studies and applies her extensive hair knowledge to each client based on their individual hair needs... She is extremely knowledgeable and proficient in all of the new, cutting edge healthy, plant based hair and color products and a Superb Hair Colorist!! Please make your appointment today so you can receive your well deserved "Nisey Experience"! You will NOT be disappointed! Make that change today and stop settling for mediocre and start receiving the Best Hair Care Ever!!!

Tiffany Cannon

Fabulous Experience- I always feel & look like a new person when I leave this Salon! Nisey cares about you and your hair - she NEVER overprocess my hair and she stays on the cutting edge of her Profession!! Highly recommend you try The Nisey Experience!!

Felicia Pitts

Truly the Salon Experience of my life!! Never have I received such warm honest and knowledgeable attention in all my years of visiting salons...A total Gem as a person and Master at her craft!! I have been Sprinkled! 😉

Aida Jones

Another flawless haircut and goatee trim! Nisey continues to be a Fantastic Stylist and an even better person! If you haven't set an appointment with her, get to it!!!

Mark Rowley