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Ashley Emmanoyhlidhs

Sunshine Studios

About Ashley Emmanoyhlidhs
To say I'm passionate about my work would be an understatement. I love the process of transforming people from start to finish. Whether it's color, cut, style or all of the above; nothing makes me happier than getting my hands in some hair. I like to keep a salon environment that encourages all sorts of creative ideas. Pushing boundaries and always striving to master the constantly changing techniques in this evolving industry! No matter if I’m seeing a new client or a long time regular, I stay excited to be doing what I love. ❤️ After graduating from Paul Mitchell The School I’ve accomplished so much and this is just the beginning of my journey. From being featured on social media panels such as Pravana, Cosmoprof, The Unicorn tribe, Elevate Hair and the Authentic Hair Army. Also nominated for “Best Pixie” and “Men’s Grooming” at the Licensed to Create Awards. Looking forward to making my mark in this industry! It’s just begun! As Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away”.

“Everywhere I go I always get compliments on my blonde hair. Ashley does an amazing job of always making my hair look perfect. She is a real pro and knows when to make subtle adjustments to my hair color during the change of seasons to ensure I am never too blonde/cool in the winter or too dark/warm in the summer. I don’t live in South Carolina anymore and I drive from to Washington, D.C. just to get my hair done by her.!”

Suzanne Youngblood

I have been in love with Ashley’s work for a long time. My babysitter actually used to get her hair done by Ashley, and she was the one who showed me Ashley’s Instagram account. Her feed was full of icy blondes, quirky pixie cuts, and my personal favorite, vivid hair. I fell in love with colorful pink, purple, blue, and even rainbow styles she had created. I immediately followed her page. In high school I always knew I wanted to dye my hair pink someday, but my school’s dress code wouldn’t allow it. So as soon as I graduated, I hightailed it to Ashley’s chair and asked her to dye my hair pink. She created a lovely pink and blonde style on me and from that moment on, I was hooked. We’ve done pink, purple, and even rainbow roots since then! There is literally no one else on this planet I would rather have do my hair. She’s the best, wether you are looking for something natural or something out of this world colorful! From @elizahasnoclue

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