Ashley Jensen

Love at First Cut

About Ashley Jensen

Hello , my name is Ashley and im glad you’re here ! First and foremost I am a hair enthusiast turned stylist. I want to let you know a little bit more about me and I hope like all of my other clients, you too will fall in love at first cut.


While I have been professionally doing hair for over 6 years now, I actually gave my very first hair cut at the age of 6. On Christmas Eve I decided it would be great idea to cut my own hair, and that’s exactly what I did! I had absolutely no idea that hair cut was the start of what has become my passion, doing hair and making people feel beautiful, inside and out. I went on to attend cosmetology school and we were tasked with a project, to create a model of what your own salon would look like but up until this point my goal was to be a hair stylist. This was another pivotal moment in my life, I had absolutely no idea that this project was actually a glimpse into my future.


At the age of 6 I had a dream, that dream that became a goal, and thanks to Sola Salon Studios it became a reality in 2017 when I opened my own business, Love at First Cut.