Becky Hafner

Hello Beautiful

About Becky Hafner

hairdressing has been my lifelong passion. I began Salon life in 1985 and have never wanted anything else. my goal is to make each of you look and feel beautiful. I listen to each client,conduct a thorough consultation,and educate. I am a fixer. I love fixing "hair gone wrong". there is nothing more satisfying than that big smile and huge sigh of relief when you have found the right stylist. there are a lot of stylist out there who claim to be good. Let's face it, we've all had bad experiences. I can say with 100% certainty that I AM AWESOME!!

I like to have fun when I work. I always have a great variety of music playing. don't be surprised to hear humming, or some singing, or see a little dancing ;) I like to keep it real, no pretense.

I strive to run on time by appropriately scheduling appointments. There are however times that I will run behind. if a client needs something such as well water or product buildup removal, know that I am going to do it. And I don't charge extra for this. I simply feel I would not be doing my job if I didn't. I do understand a tight schedule and time restrictions, however, if you are always on a time restriction I'm probably not the right stylist for you. I prefer not to rush, instead take the necessary time to do my job thoroughly while building real relationships. please know that I will do the same for you. if I know I am running 10 to 15 minutes late, I will give a courtesy call.

A little about me personally-

I am a Christian, married since 1991, I have two beautiful daughters, I am a huge Redskins fan, born outside of DC, moved here from the Fort Lauderdale-Miami area in 2004, I'm a Sagittarius, love the cold, wish it would snow more, I love animals, and I have a huge heart šŸ˜Š