Brittney Hoodlebrink

Berkana Mens Grooming

About Brittney Hoodlebrink
Hello šŸ˜ƒ My name is Brittney, the Owner of Berkana.

First, thank you for taking time & energy out of your day to read about me and my small buisnes.

lBerkana is Woman owned but focuses on Mens Grooming. I have been a Licensed Cosmetologist since March of 2008. I fell inlove with Haircutting at a young age. My late Aunt Lisa, who was self-taught, would give me home haircuts. The way that made me feel was undescribable. I wanted to be able to provide that feeling for others to all walks of life. I took the long, "safe" road for a while. Hourly pay as a single Mom is promising. But that wasnt where I wanted my carreer to end. I took a leap of faith twice and ended up trusting no ones word. As my life was taking a shift toward a positve path, I decided to take on a completely new journey! Entrepreneurship. From my growth, my personal journey, came Berkana; I couln't be more proud of myself.