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About Camron Robles

Hello! My name is Camron, I am from Albuquerque and have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2014. As a stylist specializing in hair color services, throughout my career I have found hair color to be the most inspiring service. It's been so incredible to be given the trust of my clients, and a few hours, then to be blown away by how much a color service can really transform someone! Just because I specialize in hair color doesn't mean I didn't try to become a well rounded stylist. Hair color looks its best when it complements a quality haircut, and both are greatly enhanced when you know how to style it. I take a lot of pride in educating myself and my clientele, the at-home maintenance as just as important as the service in the salon. If we think of it in a different context, what's the point in buying a luxury car if you never learned how to drive? And what's worse is if you never maintenance that luxury car and let the engine blow... Wasted time, effort, and a crushed dream isn't it? My approach has always been to listen attentively to my client's hair goals, to interpret their goals and to enhance them to suit their lifestyle and comfort level. 

Services Provided:

Hair Color: Offering services such as Vivid Hair Color, Balayage/Ombre, Classic Highlights, All-Over Color and more at an hourly rate, it is best to schedule a Color Consultation to know how to best schedule for your hair length and density.

Special Occasion Styling: Bridal, prom, whatever the occasion! 

"Get Ready With Me" - A unique service designed to help guide you in styling your hair at home, think of it as a one-on-one class that you will have recorded with your phone (I provide a stand to get a good angle for recording), you'll be able to reference your recording whenever you need to.

Haircuts: Offering non-gendered pricing in 2 standard services, Scissor Cut (1hr) - Clipper Cut (30 min)